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  1. 1.Glided around looking lovely
  2. 2.All of them will be prayed for one day
  3. 3.Under one's hat, they are obviously kept dark
  4. 4.Less than the presumed total?
  5. 5.Roguish lie from Charlie, possibly
  6. 6.Brotherly article?
  7. 7.The point is, you render the gun harmless
  8. 8.Chap getting very little money from his ancestry
  9. 9.A book just for you
  10. 10.Fairly good looking
  11. 11.A ropy sort of stitch?
  12. 12.For products promoted, they can create endless demand
  13. 13.Being so high, it gets snowed on
  14. 14.See 6
  15. 15.All the same, it's a picture
  16. 16.Honoured with a meal when about to finish breakfast
  17. 17.It goes through the mill
  18. 18.To steal can mean a hard blow
  19. 19.One can do so with the cut stroke
  20. 20.View from the bishop's window?
  21. 21.A container of hair
  22. 22.One of those jobs for the boys?
  23. 23.Arty form of salver?
  24. 24.Stepped in the direction of Canterbury, say?
  25. 25.Where one of the Highland races is run?
  26. 26.The only one caught?
  27. 27.Fire-fighting official?
  28. 28.A change of rod?
  29. 29.Person with the vision to conceal £50 from the vendor
  30. 30.A letter or two of apology
  31. 31.An original Christmas present
  32. 32.Are in the red when brought up
  33. 33.She takes me out for a change of air
  34. 34.Watch that lout hiding a good-for-nothing!
  35. 35.The keeper likes a clean one
  36. 36.6 & 9. It's of dramatic sibilance
  37. 37.It's said to be brewed for the young
  38. 38.Is its mechanical function reversible?
  39. 39.Agitated the porridge in revolutionary style
  40. 40.In the valleys, there are many brewery products
  41. 41.Attitude shown by a heartless posse