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  1. 1.A little one's name
  2. 2.Joined the team
  3. 3.Send a taxi half a mile
  4. 4.Mother and son, possibly free
  5. 5.Burden that makes us at some stage cross!
  6. 6.Where holidaymakers have somewhere to swim, note
  7. 7.Released without charge
  8. 8.Figures out the tea's stirred, it's milky
  9. 9.Man of tomorrow?
  10. 10.Swimming tutor floundering!
  11. 11.After a time, alter rashly!
  12. 12.Stupidly warm and humid?
  13. 13.Killed, perhaps, with a single stroke
  14. 14.Too stupid to get the right angle?
  15. 15.Gets in a bad state
  16. 16.Group employed to take one to the island
  17. 17.A pet name
  18. 18.Shoot the dope!
  19. 19.Go on about the Dome being a propitious sign
  20. 20.Shoots one has to prune two ways?
  21. 21.Link it up with Orient, this match
  22. 22.Rush to get an advanced place
  23. 23.Can she halve the work for her husband?
  24. 24.To ring excessively
  25. 25.Pass the ball to an opponent?
  26. 26.The sailors sounded cocky
  27. 27.A study for which only half turned up
  28. 28.It counts against one, being in debt
  29. 29.Players utterly banned?
  30. 30.Does it augment the fauna?
  31. 31.Daunted for a day
  32. 32.Nominal mode of operating in crime
  33. 33.Garment the French have suspicion about?
  34. 34.Even as the contractor said
  35. 35.One flying down the touchline?
  36. 36.How to take a pride in partnership
  37. 37.Beast in a bit of a hurry, feet sticking out!
  38. 38.It can be cool, half an hour in the shade
  39. 39.In red, perhaps, some marks appear a shade deeper
  40. 40.Looked up to, as entitled
  41. 41.Having served as a cleaner, finished
  42. 42.A figure so different from a prophet!