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  1. 1.The vessels will be refitted in the end of August
  2. 2.On which the opened up case is lying
  3. 3.Post one at the stopping place
  4. 4.Titbit from a tin, you do the same with
  5. 5.He's seen time after time in round after round
  6. 6.Having dressed, he'd gone after the fool
  7. 7.Seeing there's sun, putting the seedlings in their containers
  8. 8.Point the Persian out, carrying the baskets
  9. 9.Awful anger that consuming drink is inflaming
  10. 10.For a start can't remember, which is irritating
  11. 11.Fight for which a ring is needed
  12. 12.Fruit and ice-cream will be about a pound for two
  13. 13.The clatter does prove disconcerting
  14. 14.Is it the result of getting the needle?
  15. 15.If I cut the core out, there will be a hole
  16. 16.Save soap
  17. 17.Drink alone, having dismissed one and all
  18. 18.Successful in getting a top seat on the double-decker bus?
  19. 19.It's an explosion, darn it!
  20. 20.Elastic band you see is around it
  21. 21.Tried to, when one looked for
  22. 22.Says tastes vary
  23. 23.Wakens up and takes with, to call on
  24. 24.Are massing round one's rear
  25. 25.Making the R in "beer” bigger
  26. 26.I'm leaving food and water
  27. 27.He has a terrible dread about getting stuck
  28. 28."The lawyer is crooked,” I interposed tiredly
  29. 29.Getting hitched, having an affection for
  30. 30.Investigated when one had left
  31. 31.Activated when attacked
  32. 32.Rod will give the signal
  33. 33.Focused on, when one taught
  34. 34.Ignored the outmoded port
  35. 35.Not too late for "One Fine Day”
  36. 36.Made a fuss, but hired
  37. 37.Nonsense! Just refuse!
  38. 38.Norm is a skinflint
  39. 39.Incarcerating the lawbreaker, beginning to be firm
  40. 40.Having electricity, for the present
  41. 41.What the kids are tugging at like mad?
  42. 42.Go on cue, rattling the tin going in
  43. 43.In the restaurant, is it served without accompaniments?
  44. 44.Does it allow the TV producers to work from home?