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  1. 1.With a gun, covering the access route
  2. 2.Retrieving personally, on regaining one's composure
  3. 3.Are the residents wearing riding gear?
  4. 4.Come on stage as a nobleman, for the audition
  5. 5.Prompt you to dig your finger-nails into - long
  6. 6.I aim to get round her
  7. 7.Organised, as ordered
  8. 8.How speedily you demonstrated the torch was working?
  9. 9.Grace, with glee, swishes the cane, flourishing it
  10. 10.Quite a good likelihood it's on the up and up?
  11. 11.Hands that may be accustomed to smacks
  12. 12.Should an animal be sick, will set upon it
  13. 13.Now give it back to me
  14. 14.Suit spring brides get a fifty per cent cut on
  15. 15.Did they fly off with the cheese?
  16. 16.City in which the three took time off
  17. 17.Beat and beat it, to the music
  18. 18.Deny I'd broken the agreement incorporating it
  19. 19.Is among the last of the children to have rebelled
  20. 20.Can I wander round the apartment, officer?
  21. 21.Land that came to you in the form of a present?
  22. 22.Another drink for the hunter
  23. 23.Forget, when you no longer view?
  24. 24.Not a major issue
  25. 25.Stupid to be so worried about you crossing the Channel
  26. 26.Flavouring a mince pie calls for
  27. 27.Had got through to - or registered
  28. 28.Accused of having got loaded
  29. 29.Are going to stay put, in the main
  30. 30.Not noticing he's misspelt "Leeds" in it
  31. 31.And I take a break? I don't, I work on, too
  32. 32.It's senseless to put back the barrier
  33. 33.Hardly any midgets are
  34. 34.Make a suet pudding again: That's simple
  35. 35.As usual, a carved Roman numeral
  36. 36.Returning half the silver seized and the pictures
  37. 37.Paid for everything one prescribed for?
  38. 38.Cutting a piece of paper
  39. 39.He's telling all, having had a love upset
  40. 40.Shows one the way, or tells someone else to?
  41. 41.Had happened to have been about to yield to temptation
  42. 42.Things going wrong when one gets back?
  43. 43.Say nothing at work but tell the police
  44. 44.Not moving house?