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  1. 1.Not a lawless town in Zimbabwe
  2. 2.Increase production of headless puppets!
  3. 3.Turn up very loud that which is very soft
  4. 4.Got together to talk about the weather?
  5. 5.Post office work aboard ship?
  6. 6.They can bring out the detective in you
  7. 7.The record is between 100 and 500
  8. 8.Rules changed for a singer
  9. 9.Superior, negative, but safe advice
  10. 10.It may help your headache when the parkings poor
  11. 11.Excursion for go-getters?
  12. 12.Employer of a superior, fault free service
  13. 13.As returned by some travel firm in Springfield?
  14. 14.Too sentimental during a wet week
  15. 15.Im back again, girl!
  16. 16.Passed over again
  17. 17.Discomfit seaman Wood
  18. 18.Set up with little support
  19. 19.Grave letters from a rascal
  20. 20.Praised in a way that no longer rang out
  21. 21.Stand or fall over a piece of wood
  22. 22.Can they save you loss of hair?
  23. 23.New aides dramatic remark
  24. 24.Wealthy in a big way
  25. 25.The endless corrosion brings forceful motivation
  26. 26.A dagger is a source of risk
  27. 27.Fed up with a new editor, the fathead!
  28. 28.Helmsmans business number
  29. 29.One supporter left, say
  30. 30.Sit so upright during physical education
  31. 31.A little matter
  32. 32.Cast out with a cry of pain, as was clear
  33. 33.Happy to be a good boy
  34. 34.Unhealthy way to conclude a comedy
  35. 35.Kid em its an emblem
  36. 36.The minority in safe work?
  37. 37.Frequently describes a child
  38. 38.Name a file afresh
  39. 39.Show an inclination to be a cad
  40. 40.Blanket with a hole in
  41. 41.The bees find it in flower
  42. 42.It may be a piece of cake
  43. 43.Fight for theatre seats?
  44. 44.Its abandoned ad lib!