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  1. 1.Determined to get everything needed
  2. 2.A show to see again, it's said
  3. 3.Have the idea that the price is a pound
  4. 4.It's full of holes
  5. 5.The charm of a soldier in a raincoat
  6. 6.Leave a vessel at the pithead
  7. 7.Outstanding aids to keep players from slipping
  8. 8.Linked with the changing tide
  9. 9.Agitatedly paces the room
  10. 10.Heavenly letter in Gaelic, possibly
  11. 11.One taught to be not so much advanced?
  12. 12.Live at the East End as a gamble
  13. 13.Reserved one volume for the editor
  14. 14.One committed by a lone wanderer in extremes of frailty?
  15. 15.Called up
  16. 16.Importantly, he confuses Amy with Ken
  17. 17.Holy errand?
  18. 18.Superlatively youthful
  19. 19.Soon to be nameless
  20. 20.A substandard firearm?
  21. 21.The Spanish soap manufacturing city in Texas
  22. 22.Started to appeal to one
  23. 23.Examples of hospitalisation
  24. 24.Some returning runaways, looking pale
  25. 25.Giant bird with a pelican's tail
  26. 26.The physical part of a money order
  27. 27.It's possible, in general, to be elected
  28. 28.A crime? Yes, when there's no love lost!
  29. 29.She's the one with Margaret
  30. 30.Rural parts of motorways?
  31. 31.Not one of them is worth a dollar!
  32. 32.I'd mentioned being given some regard
  33. 33.On the Thames, it's of unusual note
  34. 34.Prize for a big fight in a colourful setting
  35. 35.Be sorry about being shut up
  36. 36.A party drink
  37. 37.Left a person without company
  38. 38.Run slowly but with noise that's excessive?
  39. 39.Element used in electroplating
  40. 40.Walk at a right easy pace
  41. 41.Steers vessels round one corner
  42. 42.In most dialects, possibly, it means -perfect”