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  1. 1.The height of rhetoric
  2. 2.Liven up in Shutes style
  3. 3.Circle of French poetry
  4. 4.A coating (of eggs?)
  5. 5.Being broke, spoke peevishly
  6. 6.Though not altruistic, Les backs a swimmer
  7. 7.Servant who can provide his own beer
  8. 8.Its a hole, but a driver might stop there
  9. 9.He may either be out of get out
  10. 10.Resort, possibly, to be seen in a poster
  11. 11.Desire to take a customer to the West End
  12. 12.Over him is the supervisor
  13. 13.That crafty manner of mine
  14. 14.A womans high spirits
  15. 15.Figures out one is upset by poison
  16. 16.Various ways to blend tea with special body
  17. 17.Ingrids initial letter requiring German translation
  18. 18.The poilus hair dressing?
  19. 19.Insure for a lot too much
  20. 20.Mary could be mistaken for being tipsy
  21. 21.Plagiarise tales?
  22. 22.A mobile is a moving one
  23. 23.One knocked out with a club?
  24. 24.That Spaniard Normas mixed up with
  25. 25.Accident causing mass destruction at Holyhead
  26. 26.In the altogether natural condition
  27. 27.Toothy enthusiast going to grievous extremes
  28. 28.Do something unoriginal in the garden shed
  29. 29.Damaged a key part in the cargo compartment
  30. 30.Derby, perhaps
  31. 31.In the cold, move rapidly (but not far)
  32. 32.One among many, outwardly
  33. 33.She needs aid terribly!
  34. 34.Such engines can be used in a process for ore
  35. 35.Perhaps also on the way to the hairdressers
  36. 36.Employ a hearty couple until exhausted
  37. 37.In NATOs disarray, they arent all united
  38. 38.Such types can also be crafty
  39. 39.Buzz off - you dont need both legs!
  40. 40.Spoil a letter to mum
  41. 41.Part of S Africa with two names
  42. 42.Being stuck up isnt exactly naughty
  43. 43.Seated, suitably sober
  44. 44.Criminal deception of an artist in a bit of a fuddle