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  1. 1.One who keeps saying Winchester?
  2. 2.Pay out a third of a rouble twice!
  3. 3.Something to eat but not bolt
  4. 4.In the war, Richard could shortly have made general!
  5. 5.Chose a different depot
  6. 6.Forename of a fatherly EastEnder
  7. 7.Robbed of plumes, it shows some regret
  8. 8.Measure out during a time test
  9. 9.Enabled to lift the phone
  10. 10.Slightly heated cordial
  11. 11.The right birds for uncle
  12. 12.Assists a fellow with the records
  13. 13.Quick to bite?
  14. 14.In coal, the deficit would be enormous
  15. 15.Article on the common people, one gathers
  16. 16.Clique of horse trainers
  17. 17.Infuriate by cutting up a green
  18. 18.Ordinary good-hearted chaps
  19. 19.Frightened swimmer imprisoned by the Poles!
  20. 20.An attractive read for granddad?
  21. 21.Old enough to master true form?
  22. 22.As notably taken in hand by Glenn Miller?
  23. 23.Displacement of a person to Rome, possibly
  24. 24.Bandanna is too much for her
  25. 25.She joins me with a light heart
  26. 26.Oscars maybe tried out for a press job
  27. 27.Familiar name for a pickle, that is!
  28. 28.Material I mend, maybe
  29. 29.Was his wife a pillar of good taste?
  30. 30.Briefly legal
  31. 31.Dads on the way down, but will get by
  32. 32.Spanish vessel?
  33. 33.Meant to become a painter
  34. 34.Denis touring Australia with a group
  35. 35.Show no enthusiasm for a month on the railway
  36. 36.Its no good interrupting an SOS for singing
  37. 37.Simpletons school?
  38. 38.Elapse in a state of unconsciousness, naturally
  39. 39.Neat change of height
  40. 40.Most linseed will yield such oil
  41. 41.Game of pool, possibly
  42. 42.Came down in flames?