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  1. 1.When mouldy, could there be fur on it?
  2. 2.The character of a communication
  3. 3.In cars, theyre generally forward
  4. 4.Criticism of one at the door?
  5. 5.Its annual, this noted flower
  6. 6.Overtly sad about the rent?
  7. 7.Swear that cures are possible
  8. 8.Its great to expand
  9. 9.Use that handy wheel
  10. 10.Understood to be grasped
  11. 11.Holding out, ran away, thus being scorned
  12. 12.That of a horse refusing to jump?
  13. 13.May be seen as a line on the map
  14. 14.The way a wild mare can run
  15. 15.Be slow to give credit for breaking the law
  16. 16.Some pumice in the coal? Thats funny!
  17. 17.Being way out is no longer the thing
  18. 18.Bad atmosphere in the mountain refuge
  19. 19.Animal of many a kind?
  20. 20.Rest and food for babies
  21. 21.Brownie fairly short of money?
  22. 22.In sound English, not the price of vice!
  23. 23.Sort of joint cut at an angle
  24. 24.Attractive and marriageable
  25. 25.Not given a roasting, but unreasonably fired
  26. 26.In action, perhaps, an about-turn calls for care
  27. 27.More than over-protected?
  28. 28.Cockney dukes
  29. 29.Two points, say, for a try
  30. 30.Swede shattered when stitched up
  31. 31.A gong that may barely clink
  32. 32.Arrest for robbery
  33. 33.It sounds the same with the end cut off
  34. 34.Is afraid fares must be revised
  35. 35.Lizards at long last giving audible echoes
  36. 36.One piece of ammunition
  37. 37.She danced a mans head off!
  38. 38.Celebrities who should set a shining example
  39. 39.Of the town kind, as at Gateshead?
  40. 40.Measure out the meat as mentioned
  41. 41.Admit theres a metric measure in tangled tape