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  1. 1.Having stolen, wrapped up in something
  2. 2.Does it help you watch your tongue?
  3. 3.Making a fuss about ones flirting?
  4. 4.One Biblical character of many
  5. 5.Show to be out of place
  6. 6.Gets a dog, one notices, to guard it
  7. 7.A thrill for the protégé
  8. 8.Are falsely taken by the child as grounds for
  9. 9.In the drawing, theres nothing in the box
  10. 10.Drill for gold and be about to get it
  11. 11.Taking the sun in a Scottish island " perfect
  12. 12.Prepares the stuffed pancakes when one arrives?
  13. 13.The reels are tangled up and he frees them
  14. 14.Makes up for it, catching the fish does
  15. 15.For America, of course, is inevitable
  16. 16.The irritability of the sandwich man?
  17. 17.Keen to help a number trapped inside
  18. 18.Those taken by the tailor whos in dire straits?
  19. 19.News it would seem wrong to drop in with
  20. 20.Stops me going in for changes
  21. 21.Measure the crack the rain is coming through
  22. 22.Standing over the pupil, a girl
  23. 23.Dine out, having money, and blue
  24. 24.Two items for the toolbox obtained at the chemists
  25. 25.Once having ordered one back inside, proceed
  26. 26.Aiming to, on starting the journey
  27. 27.Having to turn ourselves in and get rid of
  28. 28.One room and most of the outside had been demolished
  29. 29.Leave just a wisp
  30. 30.In an awful rush, mother gets up to cook eggs
  31. 31.The glass with the wobbly base?
  32. 32.He takes an age to get things under control
  33. 33.Absolve, being fair
  34. 34.Taking place in Hollywood
  35. 35.Am turning against wine
  36. 36.Name the gentleman that sent back the dish
  37. 37.Stop and fire
  38. 38.Continue to maintain you remain informed on
  39. 39.Money you admitted having received
  40. 40.Squeal œBreak!
  41. 41.Remove, I see, roughly about ninety
  42. 42.In summer it does, the odds and ends on the line
  43. 43.Pick out Art in it, as the boy
  44. 44.Hes an expert on the smart set