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  1. 1.That beast Bert is wrong to go out of turn!
  2. 2.Declare positively to be a cert?
  3. 3.For being a bit fierce, shame on you!
  4. 4.Issue the wrong item
  5. 5.Michael and Fay going round the academy
  6. 6.High speed flier
  7. 7.Was bound to be outwitted
  8. 8.Sharp enough to cut a key
  9. 9.Be left behind again by an inventor
  10. 10.Show the action of a lever
  11. 11.Leave port with Lisa
  12. 12.May be shown, not necessarily with a smile!
  13. 13.He'll do
  14. 14.It may be dripping
  15. 15.One lending support to an artist's views?
  16. 16.It's normal for us to turn up late to some extent
  17. 17.Henry East is heartily healthy
  18. 18.Many a tourist will use it snappily
  19. 19.Composer of the manual for the Spanish
  20. 20.To drink a lot gives personal appeal!
  21. 21.Head screwed on?
  22. 22.Postpones days out
  23. 23.Perfectly happy making notes on electrical interference
  24. 24.Figuratively, a couple of crosses
  25. 25.Keep an article in an enclosure
  26. 26.The master key may be worn
  27. 27.Such a tide does not suit all guinea pigs
  28. 28.Adjusted so as to steer a different way
  29. 29.Form of gold used in industry
  30. 30.Obtains by force, being a twister maybe
  31. 31.The original building is near Gateshead
  32. 32.Reputed to give half of us help
  33. 33.Stay upright?
  34. 34.A leader in revolutionary arts
  35. 35.Gardeners use it a great deal around mid-Wales
  36. 36.Serenely dignified American state figure
  37. 37.Roman sea-horse?
  38. 38.As humour, it has point
  39. 39.A meal with a companion can be instructive
  40. 40.Paperwork of a criminal record?
  41. 41.Take down, or push up, a certain quantity
  42. 42.No longer parking is allowed, that's clear
  43. 43."Hands up" for a time
  44. 44.In general terms, adapt