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  1. 1.Bear to rub in with difficulty
  2. 2.An objectionable word?
  3. 3.To give a gent this name could be a bloomer!
  4. 4.Player giving royalty the pip
  5. 5.Could be currently shocking, so spare me distress!
  6. 6.Later time for prompt delivery
  7. 7.Raise the flag on approaching delivery?
  8. 8.Diminutive drama group
  9. 9.An army division, perhaps
  10. 10.Concealment of ones insurance being expired?
  11. 11.Quick and quiet in attack
  12. 12.Bananas are too much for her
  13. 13.Fat lady sawn in half, by the way?
  14. 14.Such a diet involves various plates
  15. 15.To begin with, a red one can fly
  16. 16.Refer to everything due to change
  17. 17.Approached wild deer in measured fashion
  18. 18.About to kiss a boy
  19. 19.Where equality is capital
  20. 20.Put your foot down!
  21. 21.They have their kicks and possibly penalties
  22. 22.Stories that come back repeatedly
  23. 23.Measure a tiler could use
  24. 24.The rest of the night
  25. 25.Brown holds it, being a giant
  26. 26.His heavenly support was simply titanic
  27. 27.The happy aspect of ignorance
  28. 28.Figure to get level after a slow start
  29. 29.Gasps on finding a tin opener among the cooking vessels
  30. 30.A famous sculptor took him in
  31. 31.Is done differently by an inventor
  32. 32.In a position of repute?
  33. 33.Bird turning up among the waders
  34. 34.Share a cigarette end? Thats nice
  35. 35.Lisas exotic plant
  36. 36.Show a six-footer into the office
  37. 37.The occasion of retirement
  38. 38.Just the sort of role for the heavy?
  39. 39.One bent on holding up the boat?
  40. 40.A legendary flier from Rochdale
  41. 41.Instinctive feelings, however brief
  42. 42.Street traders price for a half of beer
  43. 43.Ran out two men
  44. 44.In a pond usually, nets around the shallow end