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  1. 1.Well balanced woman with a motherless man
  2. 2.Gift of a drink in an explosive case
  3. 3.Differing in tastes, they may still be united
  4. 4.Quick but soft-hearted attack!
  5. 5.What Charlie raised when it was won?
  6. 6.Ruddy wild cries at the end of the race!
  7. 7.Acts not allowed, as it happens
  8. 8.Entertains Seamus somehow
  9. 9.A person of vision
  10. 10.Dye said to fade
  11. 11.With which to open hostilities?
  12. 12.Form taken by some gold alloyed with tin?
  13. 13.Large containers of nuts
  14. 14.Cloth woven in parts of Burslem, notably?
  15. 15.Deposit the revised list
  16. 16.Happen to emerge embracing a sailor
  17. 17.Cage makers?
  18. 18.The benefit from a gin?
  19. 19.Suggestions for sorting out Sadie?
  20. 20.Ushered her out? Thats not new!
  21. 21.Natural depression
  22. 22.Stray from the proper road
  23. 23.Keep to the right in the Kentish area
  24. 24.Looks back again
  25. 25.Not the only word of exception
  26. 26.Its an inspectors characteristic to be absent-minded!
  27. 27.At the end of months, they may still be hot
  28. 28.Can her brazenness make us shy?
  29. 29.Hardy monster, being difficult to decapitate?
  30. 30.Immobilised outright when hit
  31. 31.The penetrative part?
  32. 32.Heres a horse, your majesty
  33. 33.There may be no tears for this politician
  34. 34.Silly fellow climbing a tree?
  35. 35.A short thoroughfare in Leavenworth
  36. 36.With respect, theyre off
  37. 37.Is it just too too short for off-stage wear?
  38. 38.Box with skill in trickery
  39. 39.Dirty electrical connection?
  40. 40.Slight, subtle hint
  41. 41.Theres plenty of iron in it
  42. 42.Hes plumb suspended!
  43. 43.Doesnt ignore a bit of help in building a shed
  44. 44.Rubbish unacceptable to vegetarians