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  1. 1.Bell ringers' bloomers?
  2. 2.Chap hunted by a barbarian?
  3. 3.Father of a cowboy?
  4. 4.When a girl embraces a youth, there's trouble
  5. 5.Hang around near Brighton, at the railhead
  6. 6.Dog with a curious head?
  7. 7.Study of Chopin, say?
  8. 8.Put your foot in the WPB
  9. 9.Some green, fertile area
  10. 10.Stuff found in an aquiline nose
  11. 11.Many call for cover
  12. 12.Too thin and weak to help in the garden?
  13. 13.The ship had cast off
  14. 14.It's bound to have maps
  15. 15.Ancient skill in bridge
  16. 16.At church, note, a reformed spy is just a human soul
  17. 17.Arrange to eat something vegetarian
  18. 18.When pawed, Maud went about half a mile!
  19. 19.His lady is sweet and has taste
  20. 20.Was unable to pass on what one had learned
  21. 21.Start a fire, of a sort, for the French
  22. 22.Form of service arranged for the guilty around mid-afternoon
  23. 23.Attention given to a musical composition on the phone
  24. 24.The type to appreciate an elaborately ornate tray?
  25. 25.Teacher is wrong on a third of basic subjects
  26. 26.King who was hard-hearted when badly hurt?
  27. 27.Dance, possibly whacked
  28. 28.A horse, as in an instance of backing?
  29. 29.Information with a degree of urgency
  30. 30.Take a ride to get thoroughly dried out
  31. 31.It's within me to be as a tiny child
  32. 32.Old Nick wouldn't stand for one!
  33. 33.One polished with endless care?
  34. 34.Like Aphrodite, she has a heavenly body
  35. 35.Peevish about England's cricket performance?
  36. 36.For this group, it's cold in the bath!
  37. 37.Just what you want when heartlessly nettled!
  38. 38.A receptacle to sing about, wandering?
  39. 39.Objected to an early start in changing the guard
  40. 40.Vessels to credit with being potentially fast?
  41. 41.A quiet sort of blonde?
  42. 42.It has four legs, but goes on one foot