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  1. 1.Figure in a new role as Cromwell
  2. 2.A positive response
  3. 3.Wearer of baggy trousers
  4. 4.Circuit used in electrical appliances
  5. 5.Figures to finish the race in a state of excitement
  6. 6.Brave deeds can make riches out of nothing!
  7. 7.Speak in devout terms
  8. 8.Title of Conrad's Jim
  9. 9.Sliding cover?
  10. 10.Be told how Leonard hid a warm heart
  11. 11.Lois embraces Romeo, the beast!
  12. 12.Break up a girl's gang
  13. 13.Deceive, with a bit of luck, in a dodgy deed
  14. 14.Be repulsive as you stagger round the piano
  15. 15.Johnny, a confederate
  16. 16.Sound piece of braid, albeit damp
  17. 17.Privateer's vessel?
  18. 18.True, it's a molten alloy
  19. 19.Something incisive in theatre use
  20. 20.The price of a trip?
  21. 21.Reason to take a case round to the central court
  22. 22.Give dad a rousing start as a matter of course
  23. 23.Where Dan arranges to take deliveries
  24. 24.Refuse to go into recession
  25. 25.On which to get down to the job of milking?
  26. 26.We, being French, have savvy
  27. 27.Choose something sharp
  28. 28.Central European actors, possibly
  29. 29.Takes broken slates without permission
  30. 30.Pounds mistakenly paid for being boring
  31. 31.Talks a bit of rubbish when there are high winds about
  32. 32.Royal meeting place
  33. 33.Piano man?
  34. 34.The look of an old Indian army man?
  35. 35.Crime involving firing
  36. 36.One French composer will sort out the mystery
  37. 37.Decoration woven by a bird
  38. 38.Kevin Costner's last part can bring you tears!
  39. 39.Ahead of the best, apt to win
  40. 40.One learning to let in the light?
  41. 41.Choose what seems a bit delectable
  42. 42.Eccentric stars who made history
  43. 43.Plead wildly for less than a penny-farthing!
  44. 44.Chest expander!