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  1. 1.Money, when backing, to put on
  2. 2.Chucks the fish aboard
  3. 3.With the contents removed - completely
  4. 4.Should get them trained first, I reckoned
  5. 5.Non-believer hates it, perhaps
  6. 6.For an ownerless pet, its wrong
  7. 7.In grassland antelope go slowly
  8. 8.A watch for the arm
  9. 9.Aims to carry one across
  10. 10.Becomes infatuated with and gets deceived by
  11. 11.What the diner ordered in a low voice?
  12. 12.Bars intended for the bedroom window?
  13. 13.Deem deliberate
  14. 14.Persuaded now to go back again
  15. 15.Having gone off again, came back
  16. 16.Leave, accompanied by X
  17. 17.The sunfish?
  18. 18.Kept talking, to fluster the fellow
  19. 19.Bet Anne put out feelers
  20. 20.Talk about a duffer when it comes to games!
  21. 21.Vilify as “a nincompoop with a good figure”
  22. 22.Its dry, but wet weather is coming in
  23. 23.Ere leaving, feared it would be a passing fancy
  24. 24.About to consume, he had put in the microwave
  25. 25.Ordered, as agreed to beforehand
  26. 26.Is it used extensively by ambulance men?
  27. 27.Affectionate, yearn to embrace the little girl
  28. 28.Argues that a new bed requires a new “28”
  29. 29.He left here with a girl - irresponsible
  30. 30.The right direction
  31. 31.Finishing preparing for cold weather
  32. 32.Support the flag
  33. 33.Shut up and got on
  34. 34.Do your utmost and find a line of descent
  35. 35.Seek on behalf of, taking a long time
  36. 36.Made to lose track, the girl, embarrassed, was upset
  37. 37.Say its a cinch, for all to hear
  38. 38.Daub on Esme in the pub
  39. 39.Cant understand why you turn a blind eye to?
  40. 40.Precedes as one takes the lead
  41. 41.Handing over the job to?
  42. 42.The player is good: isnt a flop
  43. 43.Being the one stuck in the pipe
  44. 44.Spy on a man
  45. 45.Tip “No Gentleman”
  46. 46.Ours is sour