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  1. 1.Giant figure, a bit of a go-getter
  2. 2.Peevish as a pest can make one
  3. 3.Indignant discouragement from Lady Guinevere
  4. 4.In the escort business, Joe has a fancy logo
  5. 5.The spell of education
  6. 6.Mixture only a fool would wear
  7. 7.As a firearm, a good one
  8. 8.These can make one kind of music
  9. 9.Finished in court being secretive
  10. 10.Person desperate for a fag?
  11. 11.Possibly to cover a garment
  12. 12.What you could call an expensive woman
  13. 13.Is it suitable for all cooking?
  14. 14.About to be surrounded by coppers (at school?)
  15. 15.Something hard to put on paper
  16. 16.Shes slily robbed of a music centre
  17. 17.Happen to live for just one season
  18. 18.A big hit in rugby
  19. 19.Depression when half the side get only 50
  20. 20.Whats the score?
  21. 21.Its hardly remarkable in modern English!
  22. 22.In short, standard Anglo Saxon soldiers
  23. 23.Sort of singing cats are capable of?
  24. 24.Cash filched from chapel funds
  25. 25.Groovy maybe, but its a dead end
  26. 26.Raise an army, albeit having faint heart
  27. 27.Not much of a drink
  28. 28.Join me for a short film
  29. 29.The kind flung into monotonous roles
  30. 30.Mary cannot possibly be in love - and thats official
  31. 31.Causing vessels to sink when afloat!
  32. 32.Great sound, though it may be harsh to the ear
  33. 33.Its of great value in management
  34. 34.To burden a person unhappy and led astray
  35. 35.Work briefly without us
  36. 36.One who interferes with sound fruit?
  37. 37.As an identifier, it has point
  38. 38.Like Hugh, hes at central Bayswater
  39. 39.Cats in hospital?
  40. 40.Like Tim, a familiar player
  41. 41.City of growing pride
  42. 42.A devout conclusion
  43. 43.At bottom, they can be an asset
  44. 44.The tough quality that can put an edge on things