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  1. 1.One man's name for soap
  2. 2.It's fresh in many ways
  3. 3.A state of failure
  4. 4.Possessor of the wisdom of the ages?
  5. 5.Coming out from the centre
  6. 6.The end of a nameless Italian, maybe
  7. 7.Are such enemies cursed?
  8. 8.Knock down for taking half a loaf!
  9. 9.Apply as a swimmer
  10. 10.Very large, also known as great city in Japan
  11. 11.Make mounting progress
  12. 12.She's like Don and Shannon
  13. 13.New development in Morden
  14. 14.She brings heavenly spirit to the heart of man
  15. 15.With which to build an abode?
  16. 16.The German for 'fade
  17. 17.Out East, arson upsets this European
  18. 18.Release a fellow of one's own volition
  19. 19.Star actors, maybe
  20. 20.Sleep badly?
  21. 21.Device for cleaning some gramophone records
  22. 22.Blue essay about love
  23. 23.A bachelor's is something fundamental
  24. 24.See a change without difficulty
  25. 25.Flaming redheads
  26. 26.Iris may have one, so have you and I
  27. 27.Cheated, unable to continue
  28. 28.Competes for six points
  29. 29.One way to be free of cost, possibly
  30. 30.Inner desires that can get Reg going in the States
  31. 31.Tim initially tiny and cute
  32. 32.It's heavenly in grammar schools
  33. 33.Consumed an immoderate quantity
  34. 34.Food of a kind that's bad for a beginner?
  35. 35.Leaves the goodies outside
  36. 36.Fishy fellow?
  37. 37.In play, he madly swilled ink and lager
  38. 38.Work too hard at making deliveries for a party
  39. 39.He may be after news (in secret?)
  40. 40.Means 'scatter', it's true
  41. 41.Money put right into a game
  42. 42.Lacking bright ideas, I'm at a dead end
  43. 43.They're edible, like bananas
  44. 44.Collects the rags for recycling