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  1. 1.I go far in creating a role
  2. 2.Being alcoholic, it detracts from alertness
  3. 3.Where many paintings, etc., are bought and sold
  4. 4.What the holdup man says at 12 oclock?
  5. 5.Supplied by a G-man?
  6. 6.What to exclaim when an article has the end cut off!
  7. 7.Social crawlers
  8. 8.Supreme Diana
  9. 9.Cant you remember whats beyond it?
  10. 10.Box of vital parts?
  11. 11.Do a grinding job
  12. 12.To which one can be knocked down or lifted up
  13. 13.Perhaps one draws the line at breaking them
  14. 14.Chap from Spitalfields
  15. 15.He showed some cleverness in writing
  16. 16.Article on love for the little man
  17. 17.The kick one gets from shooting
  18. 18.They can be fired for putting money into safe places
  19. 19.Is he especially saintly to Spanish children?
  20. 20.Cambodian customer?
  21. 21.Extra delivery
  22. 22.Fuel leaking out of a hole is far from dull!
  23. 23.Weapon causing pilots to crash
  24. 24.On the menu, its only so high
  25. 25.The enclosure of a threepenny bit
  26. 26.Its correct to be constant
  27. 27.For stoolmaking?
  28. 28.One fished out of the Solent?
  29. 29.According to the book thats reserved
  30. 30.Was up north getting cut
  31. 31.Not one with a good-looking peach, surely?
  32. 32.In the present case, heres a pushover for you!
  33. 33.Theyre of little matter
  34. 34.Like a free choice of ways to go to work
  35. 35.The height a bet can go up to
  36. 36.Live in a bit of a dream
  37. 37.Catherines dad had a posh car
  38. 38.Wickedly steal from the poorest
  39. 39.What impatient motorists may do is quite a laugh!
  40. 40.Female with a pass key
  41. 41.Worldly character in science fiction
  42. 42.Room to work
  43. 43.Possibly news in troubled times
  44. 44.A sainted monarchs flower?