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Evening Standard - Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 19-November-2018
Evening Standard - Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 16-November-2018
Evening Standard - Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 15-November-2018
  1. 1.A light comedian
  2. 2.She sounds fey
  3. 3.Couriers on contract?
  4. 4.Not boys name for grandma!
  5. 5.Youngster in company with an officer
  6. 6.One piece of land that may belong to the church
  7. 7.Distribute in the most rewarding way
  8. 8.An opening in surgery
  9. 9.A vessel not properly closed
  10. 10.Epic that turns up in the dailies
  11. 11.Black salt?
  12. 12.Brief manifestations of grievance, etc.
  13. 13.Garbled orison from a Twelfth Night character
  14. 14.Fir cone source
  15. 15.Nominally an Ethel Merman part
  16. 16.Fighting to finish in a knockout
  17. 17.Scot partnering Beth in play
  18. 18.The wind can turn a bit variable
  19. 19.Unexpectedly pally about short measure, obviously
  20. 20.Shes in the Wrens, presumably
  21. 21.Princely part of Canada
  22. 22.Its right I am, if only marginally!
  23. 23.Figures some axioms to be in the vernacular
  24. 24.Neither negative is right
  25. 25.Maybe distributes papers around Hatch End
  26. 26.Choose one for mother - the best!
  27. 27.Possibly begin living
  28. 28.Surprisingly sage at times
  29. 29.Singer in a trio?
  30. 30.Where the unlucky punter mopes around?
  31. 31.Undertaking to provide security at uncles
  32. 32.Its nice, perhaps, when one gives encouragement
  33. 33.Gang with little mobility
  34. 34.Oblivious to what the date might be
  35. 35.Obviously a cat is not exactly doggy
  36. 36.Sadly rue putting a call out for a panacea
  37. 37.Turns sickly-looking in fencing
  38. 38.Being good, hes able to get ahead
  39. 39.Soft music from duos
  40. 40.Is Dawn an early one?
  41. 41.Its stupid to be crafty about just one pound
  42. 42.Damage in many nets, possibly
  43. 43.It can help when dad gets nearly half starved!
  44. 44.Spills into a trough?
  45. 45.Wherever the books are kept, regardless
  46. 46.Catches many sheltering inside: theyre homeless
  47. 47.Attack to get the keys back
  48. 48.Wouldnt play if one played rough
  49. 49.With the last gasp, clutching the bauble
  50. 50.Even though almost all bite if disturbed
  51. 51.Author of the book thats worn-looking?
  52. 52.Are old and rickety and you weigh down again
  53. 53.Stops before five - sent packing
  54. 54.Id resolved to get tough with the region
  55. 55.Highly thought of, one observed
  56. 56.Unfinished article thats rather weak
  57. 57.Checked that one had provided convincing proof
  58. 58.Nude and shivering, with a silly grin, putting up with
  59. 59.Book you dont deliver judgement on as yet
  60. 60.The round of the advertising agencies
  61. 61.Shoot up to highest
  62. 62.No longer feel you want to correspond with?
  63. 63.If the tails wagging, the chap is lucky!
  64. 64.In the subsequent rising, I sell it
  65. 65.Rifle that killed the rabbit?
  66. 66.Its common sense, thats why!
  67. 67.As the wild rice is?
  68. 68.I got a van, I travelled north, fruitlessly
  69. 69.Paper the flat
  70. 70.The object is to trap the water - exciting!
  71. 71.Returning it (the call) is wearisome
  72. 72.The photographer is a catch
  73. 73.Monsieurs towards Conservatism is quick-thinking
  74. 74.Also backing Old Money
  75. 75.It dented the grater? What a shame!
  76. 76.For the dangerous scenes, is double
  77. 77.Colours at No better than most
  78. 78.She found out about the car crash in the investigation
  79. 79.Ring us up right before the bout
  80. 80.The club has parking, you say
  81. 81.For misses, romantic overtures
  82. 82.Flutters around the animal and the dogs
  83. 83.Was left in by the lady with the diet problem
  84. 84.Ending to the joke about the boxers?
  85. 85.Yet perfectly matched
  86. 86.The blinking kennel is empty
  87. 87.Having recovered from again
  88. 88.Excited, the man lay back
  89. 89.Charge for the firms time
  90. 90.Thanks to the many that sent off gifts
  91. 91.This car is someones property
  92. 92.View from the bishops window
  93. 93.Scheme to get money in the kitty
  94. 94.Where you bought some of the things you love?
  95. 95.Ruby can be so meltingly warm
  96. 96.Supporter of a cricket side
  97. 97.Hit on the foot?
  98. 98.No enemy weapon at the western front
  99. 99.Even more incredible, the rate can be about £50!
  100. 100.Achieving a balanced result thats binding

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