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Evening Standard - Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 18-January-2019
Evening Standard - Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 17-January-2019
Evening Standard - Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 16-January-2019
  1. 1.In brief, given to being low on staff
  2. 2.Dope making a comeback: a singer whos over the top
  3. 3.Figure youll enjoy the article
  4. 4.Says the girls smuggled in a cat
  5. 5.Followed the advice given and didnt quit the stage
  6. 6.Note you rely on completely
  7. 7.The animal, with some difficulty, skirts the void
  8. 8.Were we to leave the land, would take it back
  9. 9.Encourage the near desperate
  10. 10.Over their going out West, seem very pained
  11. 11.Rebuking for putting the brakes on
  12. 12.She doesnt have a shekel!
  13. 13.Equal in the game
  14. 14.A number swam back to protect the birds
  15. 15.Clear from the race I had taken part in
  16. 16.It indicates unsettled weather
  17. 17.The finer points of rowing?
  18. 18.Get going when the fat man enters
  19. 19.Humble, gives the tea bags back to
  20. 20.Ultra efficient, but could be bettered
  21. 21.Carrying a little gun does improve ones disposition
  22. 22.The father dog didnt go hungry
  23. 23.Meted out while she decorated the exterior
  24. 24.Understanding its taking the publics fancy
  25. 25.Fight waste
  26. 26.Went on to add a grass border
  27. 27.Glaring when I take out the blueprint
  28. 28.Leave on time, from the drapers
  29. 29.Will make a splash, he contends
  30. 30.Found one gravitated towards the right, on getting in
  31. 31.It starts here
  32. 32.Carry on being ambitious
  33. 33.Incline towards being a little over-generous
  34. 34.Take the father back-stage to the little dears
  35. 35.Top and tail for cooking - thats fine
  36. 36.Worked until I had got ahead
  37. 37.Goes along with on the second date
  38. 38.Said only hes a laughing-stock
  39. 39.One way, miss
  40. 40.Establishes one is clearly surprised
  41. 41.With “Stop harbouring evil,” winding up
  42. 42.Though small, plenty just to try it out
  43. 43.Conceited, like the girl in the advertising poster
  44. 44.One or two items on the fishmongers slab
  45. 45.Role ones playing in “The Card”
  46. 46.Upset, shake
  47. 47.Plant that comes up in May
  48. 48.Brilliant late meal with no apple-core!
  49. 49.View youll understand
  50. 50.Plagiarise tales?
  51. 51.Napoleonic game resembling solitaire?
  52. 52.Dirty and maggoty
  53. 53.Speak harshly but in great style
  54. 54.One mans name for a missile
  55. 55.Clownish supporters?
  56. 56.Only pretend to influence?
  57. 57.As politely said to one you want to see the back of?
  58. 58.The worst part is on top
  59. 59.Word of fierce reproof?
  60. 60.Go and act
  61. 61.Cheese made a new way
  62. 62.Apparently itll add up to a half century
  63. 63.Sensible sounding French cross-country runner
  64. 64.Plays a part in security, but needs to be soft
  65. 65.Her boy stood on the burning deck, Mrs!
  66. 66.Study possibly in need of cleaning?
  67. 67.Insurance, maybe - but its full of holes!
  68. 68.At best, it may help shade the eyes
  69. 69.A noisy nose?
  70. 70.One doggedly wagged?
  71. 71.Released without charge
  72. 72.Where to grow much for many
  73. 73.Noise? Theres plenty around the Nags Head!
  74. 74.Pronouncedly feeble for a time
  75. 75.Graham Greenes position in sport?
  76. 76.Stages of various shapes
  77. 77.Such charges go deep
  78. 78.Did he come from Neath to hold rank in Scotland?
  79. 79.Determined to take part in the match
  80. 80.Small but superior meal
  81. 81.So as to show some enthusiasm
  82. 82.Cross as Disney got with a bad actor
  83. 83.A piece of cake?
  84. 84.Hes beside himself when beaten!
  85. 85.Line of argument?
  86. 86.Being wildly rash about finishing them, doesnt help
  87. 87.Finish with a boy, but not completely
  88. 88.Team needing a bit of help to get level
  89. 89.Enjoyable bit of lunch with a leader of fashion
  90. 90.Where a Dane would seem out of place?
  91. 91.A half mile to the pint, perhaps?
  92. 92.As an enthusiast, excitedly read about a space station
  93. 93.Where theres a queue to get in the gardens?
  94. 94.Like ones objections to that little bounder Edward
  95. 95.Inspirited by elevated parts
  96. 96.Speak in a semi-silent way!
  97. 97.Resolutely get a rapid grip on things?
  98. 98.See a Harrison Ford film
  99. 99.Spins out for less than a week, especially
  100. 100.Very keen to be master over many

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