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  1. 1.Miley Cyrus' "Party in the ___"
  2. 2.Every last bit
  3. 3."___ a Wonderful Life"
  4. 4.Yellow-furred dog in "Garfield"
  5. 5.Fan ___ (celebrity portraits, e.g.)
  6. 6."Before," in a poetic verse
  7. 7.Norway's capital where Edvard Munch's "The Scream" is housed
  8. 8.Repeatedly pester
  9. 9.Think outside the ___
  10. 10.Continent home to Indonesia and Vietnam
  11. 11.___ citizenship (have the citizenship of two countries)
  12. 12.New York ___ vs Boston Red Sox, legendary rivalry on the baseball field that started in 1903
  13. 13.Certain mental construct
  14. 14.Audiophile's collection: Abbr.
  15. 15.Marketing messages seen on TV, for short
  16. 16.Backyard border
  17. 17.Take a soak in the tub, say
  18. 18.Violin's larger cousin
  19. 19.Big bang-producing stick: Abbr.
  20. 20.Adjust, as a watch
  21. 21."Buffet or ___ carte?":
  22. 22.Wayne ___ (Batman's home)
  23. 23.By way of, in a flight plan
  24. 24.Beast of burden
  25. 25.Title of respect for Isaac Newton
  26. 26.___ clap (sarcastic reaction to a ridiculous statement, maybe)
  27. 27.Elevator's place
  28. 28.Put up, as a picture on the wall
  29. 29.Creamy cookie with many limited-edition versions
  30. 30.___ hall (military meal spot)
  31. 31.___ Manning who was initially selected by the San Diego Chargers
  32. 32.They often come undone on shoelaces
  33. 33.Contented kitten's sound
  34. 34.Place to pig out?
  35. 35.Make infantile sounds?
  36. 36.Floral neckpiece in O'ahu
  37. 37.Skill in dealing with difficult issues
  38. 38.Unit of pressure: Abbr.
  39. 39.Mai ___, cocktail believed to have been invented at Trader Vic's
  40. 40."Growing Pains" star ___ Thicke
  41. 41.Three of a ___ (certain poker hand)
  42. 42."___ the i's and cross the t's"
  43. 43.Make changes, as to the law
  44. 44.Seek spare change
  45. 45.Los Angeles ___ vs Boston Celtics, legendary rivalry on the basketball court that escalated in the 1960s
  46. 46.___ Woods vs Phil Mickelson, rivalry on the golf course
  47. 47.Action one might take after hearing "make yourself at home," often
  48. 48.X or Y, in plane geometry
  49. 49.Gene Kelly's "___ Girls"
  50. 50.Water closet, in a Brit's casual conversation
  51. 51.Low-___ image (glitchy picture), for short
  52. 52.Towards the back, on a boat
  53. 53.Usain ___ vs Tyson Gay, rivalry on the track
  54. 54.Greek goddess of rainbow or pupil part
  55. 55.Letters missing in the word "TRAN_GRESS_O_," aptly
  56. 56.Start a tennis match
  57. 57.Fast sports cars, briefly
  58. 58.Cantaloupe or honeydew, e.g.
  59. 59.Muhammad ___ vs Joe Frazier, legendary rivalry in the boxing ring
  60. 60.Like a ___ in the headlights
  61. 61.Academic URL ender
  62. 62.___ vs Ferrari, legendary rivalry on the race track that was captured in a 2019 movie
  63. 63.Suffix with "journal" for the profession involving news reporting
  64. 64.___ makes waste
  65. 65.Fizzy drink often found in a can
  66. 66.Unkempt hair or house-cleaning tool
  67. 67.First even number