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Daily Themed Crossword Answers -21-April-2024
Daily Themed Crossword Answers -20-April-2024
Daily Themed Crossword Answers -19-April-2024
  1. 1.Options provided to a diner, say
  2. 2.___ machine, redundant abbreviation for a 24/7 cash-dispensing convenience
  3. 3.Place to grind pepper or flour
  4. 4.Car part that may be "shifted"
  5. 5.Milky gem with a kaleidoscope of colors
  6. 6.Stay overnight in a tent, say
  7. 7.Keg insert
  8. 8.___-sync (fake a performance)
  9. 9.Soup legume or a princess's bane?
  10. 10.Wreckage site, sometimes
  11. 11.Not too spicy, like food
  12. 12.Baking soda measure in a recipe, for short
  13. 13.Best medal at the Olympics
  14. 14.When tripled, a Cuban dance form
  15. 15.Fitting, like a phrase or a name
  16. 16.___ format, redundant abbreviation for Adobe file extensions
  17. 17.On the ___ (on a journey)
  18. 18.Internet giggle: Abbr.
  19. 19.Score that measures student performance: Abbr.
  20. 20.Soft French cheese
  21. 21.Story of one's life, for short
  22. 22.Flying elephant from an animated movie
  23. 23.Matsumoto money?
  24. 24.Clean ___ (fresh beginning)
  25. 25.Hula hooping joint
  26. 26.What each star on the U.S. flag symbolizes
  27. 27."___ little teapot, short and stout...":
  28. 28.Pirate's stolen goods
  29. 29.Tough ___ to crack (difficult to solve problem)
  30. 30.Where the journey concludes
  31. 31.Black ___ (secret military missions, say)
  32. 32.Back of the neck
  33. 33."Wit" lead-in?
  34. 34."Same Time, Next Christmas" actress ___ Michele
  35. 35.Flower part in potpourri
  36. 36.Tonsil doctor: Abbr.
  37. 37.Gave cash at a store, say
  38. 38.Be in ___ of (respect and fear)
  39. 39.___ the line (unwillingly obey)
  40. 40.Conveyor ___, luggage carrier in the airport
  41. 41.Newspaper revenue sources, for short
  42. 42.Corn eater's leftover
  43. 43.___ system, redundant abbreviation for car navigation technology
  44. 44.Pull with difficulty
  45. 45.___ Perignon (champagne brand)
  46. 46.Word after "study" or "support"
  47. 47.Little injury, in kidspeak
  48. 48.Quaker morsel
  49. 49.Continent you'll find hidden in the word "caucasian," ironically
  50. 50.___ display, redundant abbreviation for a PC monitor type
  51. 51.___ number, redundant abbreviation for a code you'd input after purchasing something with your debit card
  52. 52.A4 or Q3 car manufacturer
  53. 53.___ Test, redundant abbreviation for exam given by high school graduates where the perfect score is 1600
  54. 54.Soap ___ (long-running TV series)
  55. 55.One whose mantra is "Me, myself, and I" might have a big one
  56. 56.___ club (school music club)
  57. 57.India Pale ___ (brewery choice)
  58. 58.___ of God, heavy metal band of "Ashes of the Wake" fame
  59. 59.Witness box affirmation:
  60. 60.Produce, as an egg
  61. 61.Shiny and round storage devices inserted into a PC: Abbr.
  62. 62.What a red light signifies
  63. 63.Mathematical chart that resembles a dessert
  64. 64.Participate in a debate
  65. 65.Fairy ___, story with a "happily ever after," perhaps
  66. 66.Jeans size unit?
  67. 67.Cry of discovery much like "aha"
  68. 68.Texter's "Holy cow!": Abbr.
  69. 69.___ network, redundant abbreviation for a home network

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