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  1. 1.Animated toy in a spacesuit who is known to exclaim "To Infinity ... and Beyond!" before leaping into action (2 wds.)
  2. 2.Grand ___ (French wine classification)
  3. 3.Love, in Italian
  4. 4.Rookie, in gaming slang
  5. 5.Astronaut Sally who was the first American woman in space
  6. 6.Question from hopeful kids (2 wds.)
  7. 7.Scottish girl
  8. 8.Angry speech
  9. 9.Younger daughter of Michelle and Barack Obama
  10. 10.Down ___ (Maine nickname)
  11. 11.Grains that may be steel-cut
  12. 12.Red wine choice, for short
  13. 13.Fashion designer Gucci
  14. 14.Animated Bedrock resident who is known to yell "Yabba-dabba-doo!" at the end of his workday (2 wds.)
  15. 15.Lingerie brand that shares a name with an Indonesian island
  16. 16.Golf game starting point
  17. 17."On the Beach" writer Nevil
  18. 18.Mr. Spacely, to George Jetson
  19. 19.Part of the spinal column
  20. 20.Sound of a heavy fall
  21. 21."___ Toon Adventures" (1990s animated series)
  22. 22.Poke fun at
  23. 23.California, for one
  24. 24."The Maltese Falcon" film genre
  25. 25.The ___, "Happy Days" cool guy
  26. 26.Animated construction expert who is known to answer "Yes we can!" when asked "Can we fix it?" (3 wds.)
  27. 27."Luke Cage" actor Mahershala
  28. 28.___ the room (senses the general mood)
  29. 29.Raggedy ___ and Andy dolls
  30. 30.Thread holder
  31. 31.Simpson boy who makes prank calls to Moe's Tavern
  32. 32.Crunchy salad toppings
  33. 33.Exercises that work hamstrings and calf muscles (2 wds.)
  34. 34.Alter ___ (secret identities for superheroes)
  35. 35."Once Upon a Mattress" furniture
  36. 36."Last four digits" ID (Abbr.)
  37. 37.Toward the rear of the boat
  38. 38.___-purpose flour
  39. 39.Push forward
  40. 40.Sunburn-soothing plant
  41. 41.Airbnb alternatives
  42. 42."___ U Been Gone" (Kelly Clarkson hit song)
  43. 43.Chatter thoughtlessly
  44. 44.Garbage barge puller
  45. 45.Nibble (on)
  46. 46.Low-___ diet (nutrition regimen with little pasta and bread)
  47. 47.Like a pig in a pen
  48. 48."___ My Name" (Destiny's Child hit song)
  49. 49.Scattered, as seed
  50. 50.Ancient Valley of Mexico native
  51. 51.Org. concerned with constitutional rights (Abbr.)
  52. 52.Greenskeeper's repair patch
  53. 53.Airport bag-screening group (Abbr.)
  54. 54."Xena" star Lucy
  55. 55."All the President's Men" actor Holbrook
  56. 56.Fashion magazine that's also a French pronoun
  57. 57.Comes to an understanding about (2 wds.)
  58. 58."Roundabout" prog-rock band
  59. 59.Solo sung in an opera
  60. 60.Feeling of existential boredom
  61. 61.Most like a long, slippery fish
  62. 62.Start nibbling on (2 wds.)
  63. 63.Old food-label abbreviation