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  1. 1.Work hard
  2. 2.Middle Eastern country with Abu Dhabi and Dubai (Abbr.)
  3. 3.Out in the ocean
  4. 4.Country on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula
  5. 5.Abbreviation in some supportive job titles
  6. 6."Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar" actress who plays Maxine Dellacorte-Simmons in "Palm Royale" (2 wds.)
  7. 7.Stare open-mouthed in disbelief
  8. 8.Some hoppy 7-Downs
  9. 9.Sephora rival
  10. 10.Jay who hosted "The Tonight Show" before Jimmy Fallon
  11. 11."Wolf Like Me" actress Fisher
  12. 12."The Bear" actress Edebiri
  13. 13.Pig noises
  14. 14.Go on the ___ (skip town)
  15. 15.New York neighborhood next to TriBeCa
  16. 16.Ben Affleck political thriller set in Iran
  17. 17."Mr. Robot" Emmy winner Malek
  18. 18.Unexpected ending to a story
  19. 19."Mom" actress who plays Evelyn Rollins in "Palm Royale" (2 wds.)
  20. 20.Actor Diggs of "The Best Man" franchise
  21. 21."Young Frankenstein" character with a shifting hump
  22. 22.Above-the-street trains
  23. 23."Asteroid City" writer/director Anderson
  24. 24.Part of, as a private joke (2 wds.)
  25. 25.Weekly NBC skit show with a musical guest, for short
  26. 26.Documents intended to protect confidential information (Abbr.)
  27. 27."A Light in the Attic" poet Silverstein
  28. 28.Choose (to)
  29. 29.Sheltered from the wind, to a sailor
  30. 30."The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story" actor who plays Robert Diaz in the Apple TV+ miniseries "Palm Royale" (2 wds.)
  31. 31."American Fiction" actress Rae
  32. 32.Leaves in the lurch
  33. 33.Mythological river to the underworld
  34. 34.Paths offered by GPS devices (Abbr.)
  35. 35."With all ___ respect ... "
  36. 36.Moisture on the morning grass
  37. 37."Blitzkrieg ___" (Ramones song)
  38. 38.Brewery beverage
  39. 39.Butterfly catcher
  40. 40."___, old chap!" (2 wds.)
  41. 41.Hawaiian island next to the Big Island
  42. 42.10-time NBA All-Star Anthony
  43. 43.Kenny G's instrument, for short
  44. 44.Section of a tall wedding cake
  45. 45.Caribbean island where Gloria Estefan was born
  46. 46.Avocado dip at a Tex-Mex restaurant, for short
  47. 47."Psycho" actress Janet
  48. 48."The ___-bitsy spider ... "
  49. 49.Love, in Spanish
  50. 50."Hidden Figures" and "Glass Onion" actress Monáe
  51. 51.Perch for a sleeping bird
  52. 52.Olden days
  53. 53.Japanese noodle soup
  54. 54.Taxi
  55. 55.Smack in the face
  56. 56."Oof, that's not good"
  57. 57.Turn signals on a vehicle
  58. 58."Told you so!"
  59. 59.Hearing organ
  60. 60.Hither and ___
  61. 61."Better ___ Saul" (Bob Odenkirk series)
  62. 62."___-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania"