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Daily Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 26-September-2022
Daily Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 25-September-2022
Daily Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 24-September-2022
  1. 1.Piece of furniture, first in room until now
  2. 2.Natural talent making female retreat
  3. 3.State support
  4. 4.They keep together but may be cut back
  5. 5.Herb making daughter unwell
  6. 6.Attack a small man taking lead
  7. 7.Game involving line, net, bats
  8. 8.Annoyed editor changed sides
  9. 9.Very keen leader dismissed by king of Israel
  10. 10.Number, so we hear, in front
  11. 11.Heather goes behind boat, looking displeased
  12. 12.Disabled, but getting a sort of medal
  13. 13.Vagrant gets a coach
  14. 14.Part of stadium for bear
  15. 15.Cooler beat for ardent ardmirers
  16. 16.Number of sheets — about a million?
  17. 17.Fine dish turned over
  18. 18.Greek starter in local pharmacy
  19. 19.Joint in middle of Warsaw causes annoyance
  20. 20.Embarrrassed about poetry — or vice versa
  21. 21.Work around spilt rum, causing great agitation
  22. 22.Short book? Star restricts length
  23. 23.Source of power for southern players
  24. 24.Thick resident in sudden seizure
  25. 25.Disagreements in the ranks
  26. 26.Southern post office employs partners
  27. 27.West Country female
  28. 28.Unusually bad sign for stomach
  29. 29.Smart number after change of leader
  30. 30.Small fruit put underground, by the sound of it
  31. 31.Others getting mineral source put back
  32. 32.Assistance for vessel, we hear, in covered passage
  33. 33.Dress carried back to end of queue
  34. 34.Tricked by young lady somewhere in Ireland
  35. 35.Different part of Ascot here
  36. 36.Amusing nobleman turning left
  37. 37.A small room — it's awkward for the player of a large instrument
  38. 38.Small-minded sort of officer?
  39. 39.Reject Mark did without
  40. 40.Leading directors just right for sailors?
  41. 41.Arrange law partner?
  42. 42.Dog shows arranged some day
  43. 43.Dispatched railway guard
  44. 44.Where audience can't see what pilot wears?
  45. 45.Chinese leader accepts fair odds — like this gangster
  46. 46.No beastly sound being heard
  47. 47.Damned business bigwig, highly regarded
  48. 48.Company chairman's last kind companion
  49. 49.Food one sold off
  50. 50.Peaceful child initially swathed in patterned cloth
  51. 51.Bird comes to sticky end in channel
  52. 52.From Shanghai father arrives at Israeli city
  53. 53.Brief immersion that may be lucky?
  54. 54.Go up and get caught on branch of tree
  55. 55.Stupid animal seen while taking cards out
  56. 56.Infallible authorities lose car that's ordered
  57. 57.Anger about bishop revealing scripture
  58. 58.Bird seen by an ancient deity
  59. 59.Start using some paint rollers
  60. 60.Constantly heard in every direction
  61. 61.Part of Beau Geste emphasising respect
  62. 62.Racecourse for a person from Kelso, say
  63. 63.Something useful — like a matching collection?
  64. 64.Moment that's doubtful on the first of January
  65. 65.Graphically describe harbour light?
  66. 66.Divert outsiders in race, twice entertaining public
  67. 67.Place for storage of French drug
  68. 68.European actor in a play
  69. 69.Siesta after one — and time is not appropriate
  70. 70.Solitary in tree? Rubbish!
  71. 71.Boy's name very recently entered
  72. 72.Measure young animal with it
  73. 73.This chap is a sombre sort
  74. 74.Fat girl comes to end of diet
  75. 75.Stone Age leader with me on your street
  76. 76.Why transport to wharf?
  77. 77.Agitated drapers exchanged blows
  78. 78.The main thing holding papers together?
  79. 79.Rodent turning up under arch
  80. 80.Cancel fight
  81. 81.Just open for a drink
  82. 82.Lean meat, oddly enough, for monk in Asia
  83. 83.Body not completely seen outside a capital city
  84. 84.Ruffian running wild in place of entertainment
  85. 85.Fresh bread may be exposed
  86. 86.British territory without distinctive characteristics
  87. 87.Tiny hand may point to it
  88. 88.Reputed monster is seen swimming
  89. 89.Stylish groom? Yes, initially
  90. 90.Act irresponsibly with end of elephant gun
  91. 91.Finance agency
  92. 92.Standing before empty chest
  93. 93.Spoil container with one drink
  94. 94.The CID's unorthodox channels
  95. 95.Endless game in which pig may be bought?
  96. 96.What retired teller did in Paris area?
  97. 97.An obsession or an aim that's crazy?
  98. 98.Brilliant finish in outskirts of Czech capital
  99. 99.Hold up fashionable bird
  100. 100.Copper assesses clergymen

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