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Daily Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 20-January-2019
Daily Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 19-January-2019
Daily Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 18-January-2019
  1. 1.Heather - a girls name
  2. 2.Studies, mostly stupid
  3. 3.Use live explosive thats had to pin down
  4. 4.Vehicle taken right across Manchester, initially
  5. 5.Tokyo, strangely, is a city in Japan
  6. 6.Boredom of nun going mad in eastern island
  7. 7.It takes a turn for the better
  8. 8.Without weapons, like Venus de Milo!
  9. 9.Strained, having neither won nor lost
  10. 10.Weight carried by expert without delay
  11. 11.Airman coming from Scandinavia to Russia
  12. 12.Journalists work may be definite or indefinite
  13. 13.Favourites about to show pace
  14. 14.Words that should be used to make address right?
  15. 15.Normal colours?
  16. 16.Ragtime for Cinderella
  17. 17.Capital person settled in manor
  18. 18.Nothing appealing is postponed
  19. 19.Settled differences and put on lipstick etc.
  20. 20.Look alive! Weigh cup soundly!
  21. 21.Tempt with some different ice-cream
  22. 22.Mistakes made with flowers
  23. 23.More for the actor in a crowd scene
  24. 24.Blow friends up
  25. 25.Arab and Scot producing tumblers
  26. 26.Open - and finished on time
  27. 27.Goddess making hen eat
  28. 28.Blacksmiths blocks needed about five new nails
  29. 29.Reverie lasting 24 hours?
  30. 30.Divine drink that may produce trance
  31. 31.Walks seamen drop off?
  32. 32.Intend to be average
  33. 33.Regales again and withdraws
  34. 34.Pre-date form - thats bureaucracy
  35. 35.The shape of a cricket ground
  36. 36.Bad arts seldom produced by great painters
  37. 37.Material, by the sound of it, moved to fro
  38. 38.Bells heard in battle?
  39. 39.Choices of tools
  40. 40.Hide at one time in California
  41. 41.Nonsense makes a Norse god run
  42. 42.A game babes play with everyone
  43. 43.Feathers or fruit seen on time
  44. 44.Little Toms digit
  45. 45.A poser about musical dramas
  46. 46.Cheese might be said to produce this
  47. 47.Italian city partly up a dual carriageway
  48. 48.Bugs in religious groups?
  49. 49.Point to small pudding or potato
  50. 50.Man, for example, Ill hear
  51. 51.Leeds can change if purified
  52. 52.Tender young model?
  53. 53.Run away from antelopes
  54. 54.Leave out a container for rubbish
  55. 55.Tolerate a small stream
  56. 56.Hustling to provide natural illumination
  57. 57.Laid-back face
  58. 58.One whos not in favour in Byzantium
  59. 59.Game strikers fought to get minerals
  60. 60.Needs reform, being stupid
  61. 61.Retain part of the castle
  62. 62.Island that is carried round?
  63. 63.A gift for putting party before country
  64. 64.Criminals used by shepherds?
  65. 65.Sat and drank from these?
  66. 66.Showing two undergarments is most valiant
  67. 67.Late campanologists double
  68. 68.Incline to be thin
  69. 69.King George has a double but not all at once
  70. 70.Composer providing some simple harmony
  71. 71.The food of love, say?
  72. 72.Cultivating fruit on top of greenhouse
  73. 73.A monstrous giant makes the queen go back
  74. 74.Scottish child - one in farm building
  75. 75.Wanderer finally finished being a wanderer
  76. 76.Literary work, after only half a month, upset everyone
  77. 77.Ripping bits of granite
  78. 78.A composer overdid the central section
  79. 79.Pa expanded
  80. 80.An agreeable chap
  81. 81.I care about Heather
  82. 82.Midday, and horse is in shape
  83. 83.Small child taking railway from foot-soldiers
  84. 84.Some regretful bird
  85. 85.Contracts for psychiatrists?
  86. 86.Melody in the atmosphere
  87. 87.Writer says ties get knotted
  88. 88.Busy buzzer
  89. 89.Fruit excessively dull inside
  90. 90.Pariah is not in shed
  91. 91.A flower pleased Louis, perhaps
  92. 92.Someone who carries drink?
  93. 93.Getting worse and needing great reform
  94. 94.Mark isnt a convert
  95. 95.Joy ride?
  96. 96.Being afraid, shaking a finger
  97. 97.A New Testament insect
  98. 98.Final goal?
  99. 99.One gates damaged - but that was a long time ago
  100. 100.Post Office trainees emptied containers

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