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Daily Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 13-November-2018
Daily Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 12-November-2018
Daily Cryptic - Solution For Crossword Date - 11-November-2018
  1. 1.Indomitable courage - King George has it
  2. 2.Exit far from correct
  3. 3.Mountaineer scrambling list
  4. 4.Transport setback leads to quarrel
  5. 5.Naughty child allowed outside for shellfish
  6. 6.Look both ways
  7. 7.Is able to repeat a dance
  8. 8.Offended, having been expelled
  9. 9.Clobber two animals going west
  10. 10.Gourmets providing us with recipe?
  11. 11.Unintentional sort of invader gets temporary accommodation
  12. 12.One cad reformed by a clergyman
  13. 13.Extra actors in cloudy conditions
  14. 14.Store turned over in coliseum
  15. 15.Sporting event has started, so go away
  16. 16.Cook clouts insect
  17. 17.An excellent punishment?
  18. 18.Bishops responibilty â€" providing witness
  19. 19.Frank is a little unrealistic and idealistic
  20. 20.The name of a woman staggering in the bar
  21. 21.A vegetable Eric and Alec cooked
  22. 22.Get on in time for an award
  23. 23.Is a Latin translation for Europeans?
  24. 24.X, defined by the crossword setter - thats what we hear in bar
  25. 25.Woolly garment for a cow?
  26. 26.Agrees with boringly orthodox people
  27. 27.Expect a delay
  28. 28.Poor female swan on river steamship
  29. 29.Calm down a striker beginning to explode
  30. 30.Juan, oddly enough, after port wine
  31. 31.Support for painting from moderate Labour leader
  32. 32.Instrument making some kaleidoscopic colours
  33. 33.Course of action for cops, mostly unknown
  34. 34.Plans to produce starch
  35. 35.Romeos terribly gloomy
  36. 36.Food for stolen animals
  37. 37.Current tour without upper-class thespian
  38. 38.On the border a month of malicious damage
  39. 39.He appears in panto, but put on weight
  40. 40.Irishmen name passenger ships
  41. 41.Many small kernels
  42. 42.Amount of land set out for the race
  43. 43.Funny film star fellow getting nothing back
  44. 44.A wreath of flowers for Judy?
  45. 45.Mischievous activities for early risers
  46. 46.On Friday satellite TV is lively
  47. 47.Small animal with broken leg in mine
  48. 48.Slip back over river for daggers
  49. 49.A tree thats cared about
  50. 50.Compound left by smoker of marijuana?
  51. 51.Observation concerning former German currency
  52. 52.Attacked animal was sick
  53. 53.Let everyone go to town centre
  54. 54.News broadcast thats stitched together?
  55. 55.Squatter composing chamber music
  56. 56.Get weapons again to back military leader
  57. 57.A herb for Mr Fawlty
  58. 58.The French, in the modern era, are first
  59. 59.Its able to grow wild like an animal
  60. 60.Walk with difficulty, having wilted?
  61. 61.Country where native leader is seen in Roman costume
  62. 62.A friend covered with very large gems
  63. 63.Essex porter in new train
  64. 64.One who doesnt believe in Castro?
  65. 65.Another name for Alice Turner?
  66. 66.Realm in which no maid is in distress
  67. 67.Actors on holiday begin a voyage
  68. 68.General disorder? Thats swell
  69. 69.Island area seen by youngster
  70. 70.Nat King Cole song that will always be remembered?
  71. 71.Two birds seen at dawn
  72. 72.Elegant Central European editor
  73. 73.Distributing aid in Asian country
  74. 74.Racket for when one is playing?
  75. 75.Hard work put in by chef for tea?
  76. 76.Free - and terribly secure!
  77. 77.Mutant tulip bulbs did this?
  78. 78.Left-wing eloquence in scientists workplace?
  79. 79.Pubs that stop people escaping?
  80. 80.Yes, tourism may be puzzling
  81. 81.Commanding officer has little time to view Italian lake
  82. 82.A composer we rang about
  83. 83.Mouth forming Greek letter
  84. 84.Unsure about The Saint
  85. 85.End of new tramline?
  86. 86.Top seducer may be taken to court
  87. 87.Metal policeman
  88. 88.Bear gets broken toe later
  89. 89.An eyesore - seen in nasty environment
  90. 90.Discs that may be broken?
  91. 91.Fortunate Frenchman goes to Kentucky
  92. 92.Does nothing but slide about
  93. 93.Part of a Chinese meal, perhaps, one sold out
  94. 94.Talk about small herb
  95. 95.European capital held by brigadier
  96. 96.Mail is in each new carriage
  97. 97.Still convering attics
  98. 98.Withdraw from a place of privacy
  99. 99.Accommodation in certain parts
  100. 100.Beloved but expensive

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