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  1. 1.Bottled water brand named for a Pacific island country
  2. 2.Singer Levine of Maroon 5 who headlined the Super Bowl LIII halftime show
  3. 3.___ good deed (help someone out): 2 wds.
  4. 4.New England wide receiver named MVP of Super Bowl LIII: 2 wds.
  5. 5.John of the Star Trek films
  6. 6.Lengthy historical periods
  7. 7.Orchestral wind instrument
  8. 8.___ A Sketch (art toy)
  9. 9.By appointment ___
  10. 10.Plant with bark and branches
  11. 11.Like four-leaf clovers supposedly
  12. 12.Friends character played by David Schwimmer
  13. 13.Soup serving size
  14. 14.Give it a shot
  15. 15.Really impresses
  16. 16.Place where pigs wallow in mud
  17. 17.New England quarterback whos won a record six Super Bowls: 2 wds.
  18. 18.Actress Green of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
  19. 19.Out of the ordinary
  20. 20.Firework singer Perry
  21. 21.Homers dad on The Simpsons
  22. 22.Disorganized jumble
  23. 23.What I represents in Roman numerals
  24. 24.Opposite of under
  25. 25.Genetic material evaluated by 23andMe: Abbr.
  26. 26.Dodge as taxes
  27. 27.Nonfiction books about famous people for short
  28. 28.Mufasas son in The Lion King
  29. 29.___ Lisa (Leonardo da Vinci painting)
  30. 30.52-Down in French
  31. 31.Up to the task
  32. 32.Hondas luxury car line
  33. 33.Sound of impact
  34. 34.Tiny pest in a pantry
  35. 35.Country whose patron saint is St. Patrick: Abbr.
  36. 36.Participated in cross-country
  37. 37.Sound system component
  38. 38.Yecch!
  39. 39.Alarm clocks toggle switch
  40. 40.Im gonna make ___ an offer he cant refuse (line from The Godfather)
  41. 41.Clickable screen symbol
  42. 42.Recede like the tide
  43. 43.Largest single-digit number
  44. 44.Theyre checked by TSA agents: Abbr.
  45. 45.Actress Cox of Orange Is the New Black
  46. 46.Anna who stars on TVs Mom
  47. 47.Atlanta NBA player
  48. 48.Volleyball court divider
  49. 49.Joint below the thigh
  50. 50.Six-point NFL scores: Abbr.
  51. 51.Popular plastic clog
  52. 52.Japanese city terrorized by Godzilla
  53. 53.Insect whose name sounds like a letter of the alphabet
  54. 54.Winners of Super Bowl LIII
  55. 55.___ it or lose it!
  56. 56.Nightclub routine
  57. 57.Burn with hot water
  58. 58.Cubes that can cool coffee
  59. 59.What you blow into a balloon
  60. 60.Wheel-to-wheel connector
  61. 61.Dry cocktail garnished with an olive
  62. 62.Luxury wristwatch
  63. 63.Circus enclosure
  64. 64.Big-eyed nocturnal bird
  65. 65.Plant a gardener might yank out of the ground