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  1. 1.Pixar fish with memory problems
  2. 2.Lays down new turf
  3. 3.Actress Ward of CSI: NY
  4. 4.Implore
  5. 5.Religious title for Al Sharpton: Abbr.
  6. 6.Will & Grace costar Hayes
  7. 7.Regions on the margins of settled territory
  8. 8.Golf ball propper-upper
  9. 9.Surveyors measurement
  10. 10.Passing-the-bar hurdle for an aspiring lawyer
  11. 11.Word often ignored in alphabetization
  12. 12.Bananas skin
  13. 13.Provide with a new look
  14. 14.Person honored for bravery
  15. 15.Resort island of southern Italy
  16. 16.Transformers: ___ of Extinction (2014 movie)
  17. 17.Actor who starred in the title role of TVs The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp: 2 wds.
  18. 18.Magazine whose name is a black hardwood
  19. 19.Homeless drifter
  20. 20.App for ride seekers
  21. 21.___-Goldwyn-Mayer
  22. 22.Dress in
  23. 23.Actress Blanchett who won an Oscar for Blue Jasmine
  24. 24.Square or circle for example
  25. 25.___ over (discuss in detail)
  26. 26.Campfire remains
  27. 27.Chicken piece also called a drumstick
  28. 28.Part of something thats the farthest from the middle
  29. 29.Actor who costarred as Rowdy Yates on TVs Rawhide: 2 wds.
  30. 30.Tetley bagful
  31. 31.Express in words
  32. 32.Con artists hoax
  33. 33.Cuisine that includes massaman curry
  34. 34.Slang term for an electric guitar
  35. 35.Basic unit of heredity
  36. 36.Give off as light
  37. 37.Edible stuff
  38. 38.Annoys a little
  39. 39.Sea-based military branch
  40. 40.Nutrient in spinach
  41. 41.Fish whose skin is sometimes used to make wallets
  42. 42.Actor who starred in the title roles of TVs Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone: 2 wds.
  43. 43.Victorian ___ (most of the 1800s in Britain)
  44. 44.Garlic has a noticeable one
  45. 45.World War I Flying ___ (one of Snoopys personas)
  46. 46.Matthew Daddarios role on Shadowhunters
  47. 47.Bassinet occupier
  48. 48.Pattern of crossed lines as in a crossword
  49. 49.Satirize
  50. 50.Tummy or tooth problem
  51. 51.Finish your dinner!
  52. 52.What lines of poetry often do
  53. 53.Dot follower in a campuss URL
  54. 54.Coca-___
  55. 55.Winds up
  56. 56.O Brother Where Art ___? (George Clooney film)
  57. 57.Disagreeable stuff that forms on pond water
  58. 58.Written-down names of the people invited to an event: 2 wds.
  59. 59.The ___ in the Lions Skin (one of Aesops fables)
  60. 60.What ___ become of me?
  61. 61.Removable section of a table
  62. 62.Pouch-dwelling pal of Pooh
  63. 63.Anyone ___? (call for more volunteers)