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  1. 1."Papa ___ a Rollin' Stone” (Temptations classic)
  2. 2."I ___ everything to my mother!” ("She got me where I am today”)
  3. 3.Missing from a military post: Abbr.
  4. 4.Hardwood trees
  5. 5.Get ___ the swing of things
  6. 6.Los Angeles Lakers star who plays a Goon Squad member in "Space Jam: A New Legacy”: 2 wds.
  7. 7.___ list (daily agenda): Hyph.
  8. 8.Shoe brand that's popular with skateboarders
  9. 9.Team from West Point
  10. 10.iPod model that was made from 2005 to 2017
  11. 11.Asian cuisine including pad see ew
  12. 12.Coated in buttercream
  13. 13.Leg part often torn in professional sports: Abbr.
  14. 14."I figured it out!”
  15. 15.Microscopic
  16. 16.Bump on an orange or a belly
  17. 17.Alcoholic spirit that shares its name with a card game
  18. 18."Now hold on just ___!”: 2 wds.
  19. 19.Unemotional voice that doesn't change
  20. 20.Hideout for a pirate or a villain
  21. 21.Brewed drink that's served hot or cold
  22. 22.Prestigious school in "Good Will Hunting”: Abbr.
  23. 23.Type of sign that's visible even at night
  24. 24.US agency that approves medications: Abbr.
  25. 25.___ error (mistake caused by the person at the computer)
  26. 26.Government prosecutors: Abbr.
  27. 27.Identity-concealing outfit
  28. 28.Snowman in the "Frozen” franchise
  29. 29.It could change something from red to black
  30. 30.Green jewels
  31. 31.Female animal such as Bellwether in "Zootopia”
  32. 32.It can go after the male first name "Henri” to create a female first name
  33. 33.Very small child
  34. 34.Greeting in Guadalajara
  35. 35.www.villanova.___
  36. 36.___ Talks (educational lecture series)
  37. 37.Stuff to the point of excess
  38. 38.Animal term for a traitor
  39. 39.Big tanks in microbreweries
  40. 40.Actress Spelling who won "Celebrity Show-Off”
  41. 41."I ___ you so!” ("Didn't I warn you?”)
  42. 42."Scram!”
  43. 43.Express one's amazement about: 2 wds.
  44. 44.Raw numbers that get processed
  45. 45.Phoenix Mercury star who plays a Goon Squad member in "Space Jam: A New Legacy”: 2 wds.
  46. 46.Skip over
  47. 47.David Bowie's widow
  48. 48.The month, day, and year
  49. 49.___ and reel (fishing gear)
  50. 50.Cable channel whose "Unplugged” series featured BTS in February 2021
  51. 51."___ Pilgrim vs. the World” (2010 movie)
  52. 52.Cast-___ frying pan (heavy skillet)
  53. 53.Queen who created 29-Across
  54. 54.Puts on, as a blouse
  55. 55.Workplace protection group: Abbr.
  56. 56."There ___ no words”
  57. 57.Portland Trail Blazers star who plays a Goon Squad member in "Space Jam: A New Legacy”: 2 wds.
  58. 58.J.B. Smoove's character on "Curb Your Enthusiasm”
  59. 59.Not just some
  60. 60."That's a ___ off my mind!”
  61. 61.Marketing messages