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  1. 1.Combat-themed films like Dunkirk and Black Hawk Down: 2 wds.
  2. 2.Network known for its peacock logo
  3. 3.Money paid to get out of jail
  4. 4.Country/folk music icon who was valedictorian of her high school class: 2 wds.
  5. 5.Actress Fisher of Arrested Development
  6. 6.Log-cutting tool
  7. 7.Gators relative
  8. 8.Opera solo sung by a diva
  9. 9.Open-mouthed stare
  10. 10.Lawn tool that might be pushed or ridden
  11. 11.Community rec center for short
  12. 12.Approves
  13. 13.Compassion
  14. 14.Was introduced to
  15. 15.Nevada gambling town
  16. 16.Empire State of Mind singer who was valedictorian of her high school class: 2 wds.
  17. 17.Ending for freak or sheep
  18. 18.It keeps a drink cold
  19. 19.What have we here?!
  20. 20.Big goopy mass
  21. 21.Vampires long tooth
  22. 22.Meant to Be singer ___ Rexha
  23. 23.Pro and ___ (for and against)
  24. 24.Unwanted spots on the face
  25. 25.Singer artist and peace activist Yoko
  26. 26.English singer Henderson whos had a hit with Ghost
  27. 27.Cultural image or phrase that goes viral
  28. 28.Ooh and ___
  29. 29.CPR experts in an ambulance: Abbr.
  30. 30.Selma director DuVernay
  31. 31.Holiday when people sing carols
  32. 32.Fix up text
  33. 33.Parsley sage rosemary or thyme
  34. 34.Singer of the 2008 hit Paper Planes
  35. 35.Chicken ___ mein (noodle dish)
  36. 36.Agency known for planetary exploration: Abbr.
  37. 37.And so with no further ___ ...
  38. 38.NBA team that has had its home base in New Jersey Long Island and Brooklyn
  39. 39.Impertinent response
  40. 40.Actor Bomer or Damon
  41. 41.Barks like a little dog
  42. 42.Xanadu and Evil Woman band for short
  43. 43.Dont just ___ there do something!
  44. 44.Columbia or Columbus for example
  45. 45.Bird of prey that may be bald
  46. 46.Shape of most racetracks
  47. 47.Santa ___ winds (California weather phenomenon)
  48. 48.Quiet pause between busy spells
  49. 49.___ belt (car safety feature)
  50. 50.General neighborhood
  51. 51.Lariat
  52. 52.Deep groove where wheels may get stuck
  53. 53.Dear ___ or Madam ...
  54. 54.Weird satirical songwriter and performer who was valedictorian of his high school class: 2 wds.
  55. 55.Chess piece also called a castle
  56. 56.In the center of
  57. 57.Burn-soothing ingredient in some balms
  58. 58.1950s Ford model that bombed
  59. 59.What a nun wears or a chronic behavior
  60. 60.Black-ish star Tracee Ellis ___
  61. 61.Isnt It Romantic star Hemsworth
  62. 62.A law ___ itself
  63. 63.Weather that impairs visibility for drivers