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  1. 1.Time periods sometimes named for presidents
  2. 2.Hits ones buzzer as on Jeopardy!: 2 wds.
  3. 3.Slang term for cash
  4. 4.Perjured oneself
  5. 5.Oath
  6. 6.Take down a ___ (humiliate)
  7. 7.Newspapers radio television and so on
  8. 8.www.aclu.___
  9. 9.Ben Folds ___ (rock group)
  10. 10.Linden who received seven Emmy nominations for playing Barney Miller
  11. 11.State west of Montana
  12. 12.It can be the opposite of either dark or heavy
  13. 13.Bottom edge of a tailored skirt
  14. 14.Quite severe as punishment
  15. 15.On the ___ (recovering from an injury)
  16. 16.Group that made up the word MMMBop in a 1997 song of the same name
  17. 17.Evergreen with red cones
  18. 18.Spry like a gymnast
  19. 19.Within a group of
  20. 20.Disease that can follow bird or swine
  21. 21.Sound made by cymbals
  22. 22.Prince in The Little Mermaid
  23. 23.Prefix for permanent or automatic
  24. 24.The Bard of ___ (nickname for Shakespeare)
  25. 25.Grab a quick bite
  26. 26.California city that finishes the song title Do You Know the Way to …: 2 wds.
  27. 27.Group that made up the phrase zig-a-zig-ah in their 1997 hit Wannabe: 2 wds.
  28. 28.Celebrity heartthrob
  29. 29.Rage
  30. 30.Suffix for Gator or orange
  31. 31.Dust thou art and ___ dust shalt thou return (line from Genesis)
  32. 32.Singer who made up the word hateration in her 2001 hit Family Affair: 3 wds.
  33. 33.Knotted once again as shoelaces
  34. 34.Prop for a painters canvas
  35. 35.Important calculation before laying carpet
  36. 36.Tilt
  37. 37.Color of some M&Ms but not (original) Skittles
  38. 38.Singer whose biggest hit was Gangnam Style
  39. 39.Beer that may be pale
  40. 40.___ been expecting this
  41. 41.Nickname for Tom Bradys team
  42. 42.Luggage label
  43. 43.Im f-f-f-freezing!
  44. 44.Run away to get hitched
  45. 45.___ a fuse (lost ones temper)
  46. 46.Rapper who made up the word boombastic in a 1995 song of the same name
  47. 47.As far as I can ___ …
  48. 48.Transition into a new topic of conversation
  49. 49.First reverse and neutral for example
  50. 50.Vulgar
  51. 51.Summit
  52. 52.Parts of guitar solos
  53. 53.The Curious ___ of Benjamin Button (Brad Pitt movie)
  54. 54.Where a college student whos not in a frat might live
  55. 55.When an employee gets their check
  56. 56.Perceive aurally
  57. 57.Fruit in Newtons cookies
  58. 58.Really irritate
  59. 59.Horse thats no longer in its prime
  60. 60.Waiting room call
  61. 61.Home for bees
  62. 62.Enthusiasts
  63. 63.Modern and fashionable
  64. 64.Long thin item used in fishing