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  1. 1.Clevelands Great Lake
  2. 2.It frequently ends in .com or .net: Abbr.
  3. 3.Half the number of holes on a golf course
  4. 4.Calculate the sum of two numbers
  5. 5.Word that can follow cake or Chex
  6. 6.1/100 of a euro
  7. 7.Zip-a-___-Doo-Dah (Disney song)
  8. 8.Downton Abbey dog or an Egyptian goddess
  9. 9.Rocky costar Shire
  10. 10.He played Agent Keys in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: 2 wds.
  11. 11.Remove the rind from
  12. 12.___ County (comic strip created by Berkeley Breathed)
  13. 13.___ try anything once
  14. 14.Place that might offer hot stone massages
  15. 15.Venue for NBA games or big concerts
  16. 16.___ stop (break during an auto race)
  17. 17.Grime
  18. 18.Honey maker
  19. 19.Who me? reply: 2 wds.
  20. 20.Stomach muscles
  21. 21.Thoroughly unexciting
  22. 22.She played Gertie in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: 2 wds.
  23. 23.___ Point (where the United States Military Academy is)
  24. 24.Give the go-ahead to
  25. 25.Dr. ___ (Eminems mentor)
  26. 26.Word that means fuss in a Shakespeare title
  27. 27.Casual shirt often worn with shorts
  28. 28.Respectful term of address for a woman
  29. 29.Item shaped like a crystal ball
  30. 30.Professional organization for doctors: Abbr.
  31. 31.___ in an appearance (show up)
  32. 32.___ Arbor (city in Michigan)
  33. 33.Bill for beverages at a tavern: 2 wds.
  34. 34.___ bono (like work a lawyer does without pay)
  35. 35.He played Elliott in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: 2 wds.
  36. 36.Greenish-blue color
  37. 37.Metropolitan ___ House (music venue in New York City)
  38. 38.Word that sounds like tacks
  39. 39.Large pouched animal of Australia for short
  40. 40.Gal ___ (rhyming term for a woman friend)
  41. 41.Supermodel Macpherson or a magazine whose cover she appeared on
  42. 42.Athletic shoe company that has a Selena Gomez line
  43. 43.Where Wyoming and Wisconsin are: Abbr.
  44. 44.High-speed Internet option: Abbr.
  45. 45.Hacks off as a branch
  46. 46.Secondary course of action: 2 wds.
  47. 47.Word of greeting or farewell in Honolulu
  48. 48.Dampen
  49. 49.Bicycle part thats turned by a foot
  50. 50.Apply lightly like makeup
  51. 51.Shopping special
  52. 52.Take a catnap
  53. 53.Give a face-lift to as a rooms decor
  54. 54.Perfectly appropriate
  55. 55.Actor Serkis of Black Panther
  56. 56.Until this time
  57. 57.Back muscle for short
  58. 58.Documentary ___! (comedy series on IFC)
  59. 59.Program on an iPad or Surface
  60. 60.Insect that can be red black or white
  61. 61.Jamaican sprinter Bolt
  62. 62.One-third of a Seinfeld expression meaning and so on
  63. 63.Candy that comes in a head-tilting dispenser
  64. 64.When a pilot expects to land: Abbr.