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  1. 1.Dr. ___ (Eminems mentor)
  2. 2.She played Gertie in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: 2 wds.
  3. 3.Give the go-ahead to
  4. 4.Item shaped like a crystal ball
  5. 5.Word that means fuss in a Shakespeare title
  6. 6.Casual shirt often worn with shorts
  7. 7.___ in an appearance (show up)
  8. 8.Professional organization for doctors: Abbr.
  9. 9.Respectful term of address for a woman
  10. 10.___ bono (like work a lawyer does without pay)
  11. 11.___ Arbor (city in Michigan)
  12. 12.Greenish-blue color
  13. 13.He played Elliott in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: 2 wds.
  14. 14.Bill for beverages at a tavern: 2 wds.
  15. 15.Metropolitan ___ House (music venue in New York City)
  16. 16.Supermodel Macpherson or a magazine whose cover she appeared on
  17. 17.Large pouched animal of Australia for short
  18. 18.Word that sounds like tacks
  19. 19.Hacks off as a branch
  20. 20.Gal ___ (rhyming term for a woman friend)
  21. 21.Where Wyoming and Wisconsin are: Abbr.
  22. 22.Athletic shoe company that has a Selena Gomez line
  23. 23.Bicycle part thats turned by a foot
  24. 24.High-speed Internet option: Abbr.
  25. 25.Secondary course of action: 2 wds.
  26. 26.Word of greeting or farewell in Honolulu
  27. 27.Give a face-lift to as a rooms decor
  28. 28.Dampen
  29. 29.Apply lightly like makeup
  30. 30.Shopping special
  31. 31.Until this time
  32. 32.Take a catnap
  33. 33.Perfectly appropriate
  34. 34.Documentary ___! (comedy series on IFC)
  35. 35.Actor Serkis of Black Panther
  36. 36.Back muscle for short
  37. 37.Insect that can be red black or white
  38. 38.Candy that comes in a head-tilting dispenser
  39. 39.Program on an iPad or Surface
  40. 40.Jamaican sprinter Bolt
  41. 41.Clevelands Great Lake
  42. 42.When a pilot expects to land: Abbr.
  43. 43.One-third of a Seinfeld expression meaning and so on
  44. 44.Calculate the sum of two numbers
  45. 45.It frequently ends in .com or .net: Abbr.
  46. 46.1/100 of a euro
  47. 47.Word that can follow cake or Chex
  48. 48.Half the number of holes on a golf course
  49. 49.Remove the rind from
  50. 50.Zip-a-___-Doo-Dah (Disney song)
  51. 51.Rocky costar Shire
  52. 52.Downton Abbey dog or an Egyptian goddess
  53. 53.Venue for NBA games or big concerts
  54. 54.He played Agent Keys in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: 2 wds.
  55. 55.___ try anything once
  56. 56.___ County (comic strip created by Berkeley Breathed)
  57. 57.Who me? reply: 2 wds.
  58. 58.Place that might offer hot stone massages
  59. 59.___ stop (break during an auto race)
  60. 60.Grime
  61. 61.___ Point (where the United States Military Academy is)
  62. 62.Honey maker
  63. 63.Thoroughly unexciting
  64. 64.Stomach muscles