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Crusader Crossword Express - Solution For Crossword Date - 17-November-2018
Crusader Crossword Express - Solution For Crossword Date - 16-November-2018
Crusader Crossword Express - Solution For Crossword Date - 15-November-2018
  1. 1.Bird of prey making foreign clan peer suspiciously
  2. 2.Bore producing cloth
  3. 3.Fat Conservative loner put off
  4. 4.Remove the cads alternative
  5. 5.Plant depressed beauty cut short
  6. 6.Concerning a boxing match
  7. 7.Both go up and harm pal spoiling book of pictures
  8. 8.Doctor in European contest getting hug
  9. 9.Burnt tea given to socialist
  10. 10.Young bird found with father eating Eastern seed
  11. 11.Temporary obstacle for head of history with restless desire
  12. 12.Marked limit round bay, perhaps
  13. 13.Line Bess changed, being wise
  14. 14.Good-looking labourer getting an unspecified amount
  15. 15.Advice from committee, say
  16. 16.New deal Ben made possible
  17. 17.Tatty pages given to us showing mythical winged horse
  18. 18.Anticipate former partner with domestic animal catching cold
  19. 19.Former partner quietly meeting the Spanish exile
  20. 20.Exciting adventure for a head of department involved in getaway
  21. 21.Dress a bore, by the sound of it
  22. 22.Class meeting man, not casual
  23. 23.Stoppage making unruly mob rage
  24. 24.Hot bar possibly associated with us provides port
  25. 25.A French regular shaken
  26. 26.Tolerable finale extremely unpopular with expert
  27. 27.Head of English gripped by tots fantasy
  28. 28.Feeble, he left quietly with a smaller amount
  29. 29.System of exercises used by one tucking into dishes
  30. 30.Company in a street in a Berkshire town
  31. 31.Impartial university in rental arrangement
  32. 32.Use lint, weaving implement
  33. 33.Some music provides flow, also sadness
  34. 34.Friend muddles head with part of hand
  35. 35.Honest, confusing right and left side
  36. 36.Bird in another nest
  37. 37.Reticent about trees
  38. 38.New master has right support
  39. 39.List including graduate is not too wild
  40. 40.Draw on the Spanish cloth
  41. 41.Turning aside with hesitation and repetition
  42. 42.Rely on doctor at the back for a cheque
  43. 43.Melancholy person transported by one magician
  44. 44.A problem on a Caribbean island
  45. 45.Sonar involved in crime
  46. 46.Army man takes room with hesitation
  47. 47.Someone who does learn to work with English cold first
  48. 48.One day, organisation will get new and bland
  49. 49.Retraction concerning short performance
  50. 50.Dull, rushing to see sport
  51. 51.Welcome receipt
  52. 52.Shrub in interior thats more like the sea
  53. 53.Female with land
  54. 54.Fighter isnt able to contain unruly mob by a junction
  55. 55.Hermit dips end of chips in vinegar
  56. 56.Not once was nerve lost
  57. 57.Judge a Republican part at speed
  58. 58.Part ideal as an example
  59. 59.Food processor holds clue solution at a very small level
  60. 60.In France, you steal mostly military attire
  61. 61.Angry, choose sage to perform pointless task
  62. 62.Green composition by journalist went back
  63. 63.New work of fiction
  64. 64.Support dependants in the opposite way
  65. 65.Witches attempt to leave Midlands city
  66. 66.Adult stage has new aim " leave
  67. 67.Ideal golf arrangement thats worth three points
  68. 68.Present in time and space, without direction
  69. 69.Plant has a sponsor, we hear
  70. 70.Cooperate in drama at party
  71. 71.Victory idly wasted in a breezy way
  72. 72.Drink to flag, showing unfair bias
  73. 73.Extraordinary fellow has registered form of yoghurt
  74. 74.Come across directions on table
  75. 75.Fastening racket, persuaded
  76. 76.Engineers sure to spring back
  77. 77.In favour of chief having caught one on the nose
  78. 78.Champion of another ordeal
  79. 79.Rely on getting put off after resistance is lacking
  80. 80.Steady form of electricity
  81. 81.Cut in personnel
  82. 82.Protector puts musical body, loud, in terrible fear
  83. 83.Rant about small safety device and exchange fluids
  84. 84.A hope rang out in a home
  85. 85.Tutor gets the hollow pain at end of semester
  86. 86.Manoeuvre is done from a legitimate position
  87. 87.Declaration gets him, say, building material
  88. 88.Small firm to encourage affliction
  89. 89.Film about British predator causes riot
  90. 90.Summons lager " order is obvious
  91. 91.Hugging me back " refreshing
  92. 92.Worst place to have a quick tyre change
  93. 93.Nurse has trouble in last bit
  94. 94.Humble bird within Lombardys borders
  95. 95.Brief broadcast behind club that makes the paper
  96. 96.Consented to get a vice
  97. 97.Identification of terribly mean game
  98. 98.I sent mum list thats fixed
  99. 99.Mouse got corgi playing " thats according to Descartes
  100. 100.Ardent pets manoeuvre is not plain

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