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Crusader Crossword Express - Solution For Crossword Date - 21-January-2019
Crusader Crossword Express - Solution For Crossword Date - 20-January-2019
Crusader Crossword Express - Solution For Crossword Date - 19-January-2019
  1. 1.Spirited day without a manic drunk
  2. 2.Certain to be against fellow, on the day
  3. 3.Explorer finds daughter with libertine
  4. 4.Dressing group takes a long time
  5. 5.Suave young lady, broadcasting live
  6. 6.Formerly have uranium, a small amount
  7. 7.Resolve gets detectives into river
  8. 8.Terribly tame attorney volunteers overall information
  9. 9.Shriek for second best
  10. 10.Seize before accepting sane arrangement
  11. 11.Always set out for the highest point
  12. 12.Owls acted strangely, causing state of panic
  13. 13.Prisoner discovered surprise
  14. 14.At home, joining trust as a secret
  15. 15.Id help construct seat for an oracle
  16. 16.New ruse confused health worker
  17. 17.Composer has gold mare set free first
  18. 18.Lug Enid around and enjoy oneself
  19. 19.Shorten lease
  20. 20.Deep-rooted and rapidly circulated around small church
  21. 21.Unerring of French lady to change
  22. 22.Near top of the cupboard
  23. 23.Undertaking to get air next to river
  24. 24.Working expert has it returned by five
  25. 25.Leaving a student some food
  26. 26.Shout, losing head in stale jesting
  27. 27.Item on menu producing mixed emotions
  28. 28.Points to bear kiosk
  29. 29.Working at it, taken by apple puree for pound
  30. 30.Secure alien, in case
  31. 31.Insincere judge is ending trial
  32. 32.Fullback unmans third beast!
  33. 33.Gala possibly cut short when receiving a shock
  34. 34.Leading lady's monologue?
  35. 35.Polished Conservative sage runs away
  36. 36.Apathetic character in a film
  37. 37.Idea first suggested in May, perhaps, but not taken to its conclusion
  38. 38.A girl of note about to thank you
  39. 39.Old nomad with children under suspicion
  40. 40.Now cast, programme is perfect
  41. 41.Train concerning when ally's back aboard
  42. 42.Orderly goes to hospital in Wales
  43. 43.Church controlled by France's main cleric
  44. 44.Metal (copper) hurting short nipper
  45. 45.Clothing one wears reposing after work
  46. 46.Like nine, a number made up
  47. 47.Stop punishing a traditionalist!
  48. 48.Life partner once ran out of nectarines, oddly
  49. 49.Road going halfway to great town
  50. 50.I'll be drained after pruning wild plant
  51. 51.Resolute Dutch uncle only?
  52. 52.Label outside shirt is old hat
  53. 53.Hot woman turning kind of red
  54. 54.Insecure cleaner gets tip as extra payment
  55. 55.Pen with another animal about to circle it
  56. 56.Development not in line with some housing that's around it
  57. 57.Soldiers hearing a scoundrel come back
  58. 58.Extreme cold inside spreading
  59. 59.A French baby (the last for a minion)
  60. 60.Cure filling veins without healing spot
  61. 61.Person offensive online initially taking register
  62. 62.Severe redhead surrounded by mess
  63. 63.Copied, it made it complicated
  64. 64.Colonel backing friend in the area
  65. 65.Green, it ruined number
  66. 66.Siblings nurse
  67. 67.Lock for jewellery item the French initially tried
  68. 68.Small girl holding one utensil
  69. 69.Helpful hint given to Penny with the French drink
  70. 70.Seed companies head
  71. 71.Were told feebly once every seven days
  72. 72.Cutting tool needed for tea at home was picked up
  73. 73.Copper left in the Kent area with a royal, not religious
  74. 74.Gifted volunteers " two men
  75. 75.Call man about a bypass
  76. 76.Writer of song words having upset Cyril first
  77. 77.Strange graduates dance
  78. 78.Lean and bony Gaul ran off
  79. 79.Act firmly and increase speed
  80. 80.A street in New York, unpleasant
  81. 81.Southeast man having carried chair
  82. 82.Broad-minded European lot returning before tirade
  83. 83.A Celt more disorganized " hes not punctual
  84. 84.Art turning up with the German dealer
  85. 85.Fool heard beside river with garments
  86. 86.Useful, he left quietly, almost packed
  87. 87.The woman, loud, beside pitch " a French one with man from football club
  88. 88.I meet lots rearranging Christmas decoration
  89. 89.Almost offend one originally naming hormone
  90. 90.Drink, new, given to the German with perforated vessel
  91. 91.The artist has compassion
  92. 92.Capital building is large
  93. 93.Typical spokesperson
  94. 94.Meant a red construction for a professional title
  95. 95.Sketch doctor at the back
  96. 96.Concerning a rugby player, huge
  97. 97.Terribly neat feature of Sicily
  98. 98.Considered source of inspiration by daughter
  99. 99.Broken bead thrown in dish
  100. 100.A French composer has resolve

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