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  1. 1.Like drugs with no brand name
  2. 2.Heaviesst land animal in North America
  3. 3.La Bamba singer who was inducted into the Native American Music Awards Hall of Fame in 2009: 2 wds.
  4. 4.Exclamation that Homer Simpson has said over 1,000 times
  5. 5.Favorite hangout spot
  6. 6.Trade blows to train for an MMA fight
  7. 7.Disrepectful dude
  8. 8.Pledge made in front of a judge
  9. 9.This round is ____! (Our treat!): 2 wds.
  10. 10.Network with an eye logo
  11. 11.Prefix for disclosure or descript
  12. 12.Constellation known as the Scales
  13. 13.Family cat or dog
  14. 14.Runs in neutral
  15. 15.Dog food brand owned by Purina
  16. 16.___ of Days (1999 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie)
  17. 17.Hey Good Lookin singer who was inducted into thee Native American Music Awards Hall of Fame in 1999: 2 wds.
  18. 18.Smart talk
  19. 19.___-la-la (cheerful refrain)
  20. 20.Zero-star reviews
  21. 21.1980s band with an alphabetical name
  22. 22.Pretty ___ picture: 2 wds.
  23. 23.Shape of a Dove soap bar
  24. 24.Spotify and Snapchat, for example
  25. 25.____ bargain (deal between a prosecutor and a defendant)
  26. 26.Parents celebrated in May
  27. 27.Compadre
  28. 28.Shock jock Don who died in 2019
  29. 29.Title character in The Good Dinosaur
  30. 30.Make a ditch
  31. 31.Sunup
  32. 32.Gasteyer of Mean Girls
  33. 33.Type of wood used in baseball bats
  34. 34.Savings plan for one's senior years: Abbr.
  35. 35.Feign singing live: Hyph.
  36. 36.Tool used for clearing soil
  37. 37.Fish with Atlantic, Pacific, and Greenland varieties
  38. 38.Place to see some prehistoric paintings
  39. 39.Suffix for steward or baron
  40. 40.From Chiang Mai or Bankgkok, say
  41. 41.Lunar lander's destination
  42. 42.___ Is Me .. Now (2024 Jennifer Lopez album)
  43. 43.Natural rope fiber
  44. 44.First name of Aaron Spelling's actress daughter
  45. 45.Buzzing insects that can't see red light
  46. 46.Do some karaoke
  47. 47.Many millennia
  48. 48.Carp in a garden pond
  49. 49.Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue singer who was inducted into the Native American Music Awards Hall of Fame in 2001: 2 wds.
  50. 50.___ roll (toilet paper, London)
  51. 51.Company that makes running shoes and yoga clothes
  52. 52.Speechless performer
  53. 53.Glossy fabric for some bed linens
  54. 54.Like some cheddar or fine brandy
  55. 55.Metal that hasn't yet been processed
  56. 56.Hotel room cleaners
  57. 57.Coding problem
  58. 58.Keyboard goof
  59. 59.Dramatic move by ballroom dancers
  60. 60.Sister and wife of the Egyptian God Osiris
  61. 61.Fraudulent operation
  62. 62.Penny-____ (two-bit)