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  1. 1.House part that might have solar panels on top of it
  2. 2.Breezy win
  3. 3.Pass a law prohibiting
  4. 4.Pixar fish who helped find Nemo
  5. 5.___ Skoda (J.K. Simmons's role on three Law & Order series)
  6. 6.You can open a new one in a browser
  7. 7.Traffic jam sounds
  8. 8.Weave back and forth down a ski slope
  9. 9.___ you later alligator!
  10. 10.The Hill We Climb poet who is one of Time's 2022 Women of the Year: 2 wds.
  11. 11.___ matter of course (typically): 2 wds.
  12. 12.Weaving tool
  13. 13.Come to the assistance of
  14. 14.Korean rapper whose biggest hit is Gangnam Style
  15. 15.Opposite of an out-of-towner
  16. 16.Superhero group that includes Jean Grey and Cyclops: Hyph.
  17. 17.Meat that can be smoked or dry-cured
  18. 18.Alabama city known for 1965 civil rights marches
  19. 19.Earth-related prefix
  20. 20.You ___ like a rug!
  21. 21.Circular maneuver in an air show
  22. 22.Mobile platform for FaceTime and Tweetbot
  23. 23.Letters before an alternate name
  24. 24.Inner metal bar of a Ferris wheel
  25. 25.Folded food with an al pastor variety
  26. 26.___ your regrets (reply no to an invitation)
  27. 27.Shriek after spotting a cockroach perhaps
  28. 28.Some class discussion leaders: Abbr.
  29. 29.___ mater (graduate's former school)
  30. 30.___ bomb (Manhattan Project's subject)
  31. 31.Offers for a price
  32. 32.Extensive heroic tale
  33. 33.Finest
  34. 34.First Greek letter
  35. 35.One ___ the same
  36. 36.Pulverizes as coffee beans or peppercorns
  37. 37.Orangutan for one
  38. 38.Rob who was on The West Wing
  39. 39.Big pig
  40. 40.You should be ashamed! sound
  41. 41.Pine-___ (Clorox cleaner)
  42. 42.It's no ___ crying over spilt milk
  43. 43.Boyfriend in Nancy Drew books
  44. 44.She raps Who's That Girl? in the She-Hulk: Attorney at Law credits
  45. 45.Put two and two together in basic arithmetic
  46. 46.Bicycle wheel center where the spokes meet
  47. 47.Beg as for mercy
  48. 48.Word that can follow pension or floor
  49. 49.Large cup for coffee or beer
  50. 50.Fortnite or World of Warcraft for example
  51. 51.State that borders South Dakota
  52. 52.Track athlete and sneaker company cofounder who is one of Time's 2022 Women of the Year: 2 wds.
  53. 53.Comforting touch
  54. 54.Pentagon hexagon or octagon
  55. 55.Worlds ___ (far away from each other)
  56. 56.Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole ___ Tree (1973 song)
  57. 57.Cubs outfielder Happ
  58. 58.Super Trouper quartet
  59. 59.Terrible review
  60. 60.Kids who are approaching 20
  61. 61.Greek sandwich
  62. 62.Word after a prayer
  63. 63.It could be hard to find on a crowded bus
  64. 64.Very important test
  65. 65.Follow Your Arrow singer who is one of Time's 2022 Women of the Year: 2 wds.
  66. 66.Hosiery material
  67. 67.Length of a bridge