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Crosswords With Friends Crossword Answers -25-May-2024
Crosswords With Friends Crossword Answers -24-May-2024
Crosswords With Friends Crossword Answers -22-May-2024
  1. 1.I Like ___ (Eisenhower campaign slogan)
  2. 2.Permissible by law
  3. 3.Bottom edge of a skirt
  4. 4.City in central Iowa
  5. 5.Acronym for the four major entertainment awards
  6. 6.Bellowed
  7. 7.Alluring scent
  8. 8.Spike Lee's ___ Gotta Have It
  9. 9.Author whose book It Ends With Us achieved viral success through BookTok: 2 wds.
  10. 10.___-cone (treat in a paper holder)
  11. 11.Really impressed
  12. 12.Late-night coffee order maybe
  13. 13.Under the weather
  14. 14.Ocean between North America and Europe: Abbr.
  15. 15.PC's bail-out key
  16. 16.Clouding of the lens of the eye
  17. 17.Massachusetts school that's a rival of Caltech: Abbr.
  18. 18.Egyptian boy king familiarly
  19. 19.Airport agency with a What Can I Bring? guide: Abbr.
  20. 20.Blue Bloods network
  21. 21.Speaker with nothing interesting to say
  22. 22.Buffalo's lake
  23. 23.Author whose book Red White & Royal Blue achieved viral success through BookTok: 2 wds.
  24. 24.Talent show hosts: Abbr.
  25. 25.Get a glimpse of
  26. 26.Billions of years to scientists
  27. 27.___ Cruces New Mexico
  28. 28.Number of digits on a keypad
  29. 29.Dessert sometimes decorated with candles
  30. 30.Mean Girls actress Tina
  31. 31.Unbothered
  32. 32.Euphoria actor Eric
  33. 33.Oozy sticky substance
  34. 34.Author whose book Fourth Wing achieved viral success through TikTok's BookTok community: 2 wds.
  35. 35.First three scale notes: 3 wds.
  36. 36.Sydney ___ House
  37. 37.State that hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics
  38. 38.Handheld Mexican food
  39. 39.End of Facebook's URL
  40. 40.Chart that may show topography
  41. 41.Rotten to the core
  42. 42.The Grudge actor John
  43. 43.Rebounding sound
  44. 44.Antagonist of Shakespeare's Othello
  45. 45.Additionally
  46. 46.Hi! in Mexico
  47. 47.Take My Breath ___ (1986 hit from the Top Gun soundtrack)
  48. 48.Bathroom in London
  49. 49.Narrowed your eyes
  50. 50.Man behaving badly
  51. 51.Neatnik's opposite
  52. 52.Like a collectible that's hard to find
  53. 53.Debonair
  54. 54.___ de cologne
  55. 55.Slightly singe
  56. 56.Former members of the military for short
  57. 57.Pepperoni and sausage for example
  58. 58.Some whiskeys
  59. 59.Drug also called acid: Abbr.
  60. 60.Ready for business
  61. 61.Was introduced to
  62. 62.Mix with a spoon
  63. 63.I'm such a butterfingers!
  64. 64.Symbol on a Dallas Cowboys football helmet
  65. 65.Perform in a stage play

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