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Crosswords With Friends Crossword Answers -21-April-2024
Crosswords With Friends Crossword Answers -20-April-2024
Crosswords With Friends Crossword Answers -19-April-2024
  1. 1.Upper limb
  2. 2.Tools used to grab items off a grill
  3. 3.Vessels for brewing English Breakfast
  4. 4.Weather sometimes called pea soup
  5. 5.Big business's head honcho: Abbr.
  6. 6.Sing along without using words
  7. 7.Direction opposite NNW: Abbr.
  8. 8.Huh? I didn't hear you
  9. 9.The Handmaid's Tale actress whose last name is a shade of green: 2 wds.
  10. 10.Under ___ and key
  11. 11.Predetermined sequence of steps
  12. 12.Pole vaulter's obstacle
  13. 13.___ B. Davis (The Brady Bunch actress)
  14. 14.Official vote of dissent
  15. 15.Piece used to keep score on a cribbage board
  16. 16.Feature of many NC-17 movies
  17. 17.Physical ___ (part of an annual checkup)
  18. 18.Woodsy ___ (US Forest Service mascot)
  19. 19.Reword a sentence for clarity perhaps
  20. 20.Rock ‘n' ___ music
  21. 21.Puff on a joint
  22. 22.You ___ have yourself to blame
  23. 23.Actress and princess of Monaco whose last name is a shade of green: 2 wds.
  24. 24.Former Chicago Cubs slugger Sammy
  25. 25.Shape of a roller rink
  26. 26.Actress Drescher who is the president of the SAG-AFTRA union
  27. 27.Emperor who supposedly played the fiddle
  28. 28.Nightmare Alley actor Perlman
  29. 29.Skin openings
  30. 30.Workers hired to do housecleaning
  31. 31.Actress/director Longoria
  32. 32.Wide-___ (not tired)
  33. 33.Racked up charges at a tavern: 3 wds.
  34. 34.Make a noise like a wolf
  35. 35.American ___ (2021-2023 Ana Gasteyer show)
  36. 36.Weekend Update coanchor Michael
  37. 37.I can't believe I ___ the whole thing
  38. 38.Actor Astin who played Rudy in Rudy
  39. 39.Flo Milli's genre
  40. 40.TV series that took place at McKinley High School in Ohio
  41. 41.1970s tennis star Arthur
  42. 42.___ museum (place with realistic-looking sculptures of famous people)
  43. 43.___ and alack (words of regret)
  44. 44.___ room (fun area in a house)
  45. 45.Fourth-year college students: Abbr.
  46. 46.Pea container
  47. 47.Place where coral reefs might grow
  48. 48.Clive who stars on AMC's Monsieur Spade
  49. 49.Nurse Jackie actress Falco
  50. 50.Return a counter to zero for example
  51. 51.Country superstar McEntire
  52. 52.Two matching cards in a poker hand
  53. 53.Tool that could punch out a belt hole
  54. 54.Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain) country singer ___ Allan
  55. 55.Corn Belt state
  56. 56.Lend an ___ (listen)
  57. 57.Goodbye in Genoa
  58. 58.Perceive
  59. 59.Greek fable writer
  60. 60.Group including Mystique and Wolverine: Hyph.
  61. 61.Criminal singer whose last name is a shade of green: 2 wds.
  62. 62.Classic British actor Guinness
  63. 63.Sprint relay or marathon
  64. 64.Thanks ___!: 2 wds.

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