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  1. 1.harley-davidson Headquarters City: __, Wisconsin
  2. 2.the Consequence Or Result Of An Action
  3. 3.porcine Diva Of The Muppets
  4. 4.first Balcony In A Symphony Hall
  5. 5.__ Rhapsody By Queen
  6. 6.people Who Walk The Catwalk
  7. 7.large Spider That Is Sometimes A Pet
  8. 8.laced Mens Shoe Named After A Uk University
  9. 9.episode Or Sudden Occurrence Of Disease
  10. 10.dangerous
  11. 11.backup Power Source In A Building
  12. 12.the Black Horse Of The Apocalypse Represents This
  13. 13.plant Container
  14. 14.kangaroos Leaf Eating Smaller Cousin
  15. 15.draw Over The Lines Of A Picture Again
  16. 16.spread Throughout Something, Like A Smell
  17. A Reverse Direction
  18. 18.nemos Species
  19. 19.extra Period Of Play In Ice Hockey
  20. With A Soft, Flexible Cover
  21. 21.taurus Star Cluster Named After Atlass Daughters
  22. 22.tying Up Poultry Or Game Birds Prior To Cooking
  23. 23.where You Might Find A Roller Coaster
  24. 24.hungarian Stew Seasoned With Paprika
  25. 25.control Exerted To Restrain Impulses
  26. 26.fictional Marvel Nation, Home To Black Panther
  27. Home To Mount Kilimanjaro
  28. 28.nine-month Period In Humans Before Giving Birth
  29. 29.hooved Animal, With Even Or Odd Toe Numbers
  30. Speak With Superficial Or Limited Knowledge
  31. 31.not Explored
  32. 32.made Beer
  33. 33.mechanical, Robotic, Self-operating Toy
  34. Of Holding Rooms In A Jail
  35. Selling Old Car Parts
  36. Arrival In Large Numbers, Being Overrun
  37. 37.superhero Named After An Astronaut: Buzz __
  38. 38.simbas Father And Sarabis Mate In The Lion King
  39. 39.mexican Version Of Unleavened Bread
  40. 40.using Science To Predict Future Weather
  41. 41.glands That Secrete Hormones Into The Bloodstream
  42. 42.celebrated, Renowned
  43. 43.lower Part Of A Prepared Chicken Leg
  44. 44.charm, Bewitch
  45. Of The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy: J.r.r. __
  46. 46.first American Sport To Have Pinstripe Uniforms
  47. 47.twist Of The Ligaments In The Wrist, For Example
  48. 48.hand-held Firework
  49. 49.electronic Step Tracker
  50. 50.right Side Of A Ship
  51. 51.amount Of Water Vapor In The Atmosphere
  52. 52.guiding Of Actors To Produce A Movie
  53. 53.__ Khan; Founder Of The Yuan Dynasty In China
  54. 54.conquered An Army
  55. 55.indian Ocean Island; Port Mathurin Is Its Capital
  56. 56.french Philosopher Said "my Life Is A Struggle”
  57. 57.deep-rooted, Established
  58. 58.a Political Team Member
  59. 59.male Property Owner Who Collects Rent
  60. 60.ornate Sideboard
  61. 61.government Representative Abroad, In An Embassy
  62. Of Spider-man, Often Does Cameos
  63. 63.sign Of Surrender
  64. 64.crustacean Delicacy
  65. 65.landlocked Country In The Center Of South America
  66. 66.makes Voices High When Sucked From Balloons
  67. For Surfing The Internet
  68. 68.the Openings Through Which Tea Is Poured
  69. 69.delivers The News
  70. Drive Too Close To The Car In Front
  71. Against Burned Skin
  72. 72.period When Insects Evolved
  73. For Physical Education At A School
  74. 74.relating To Earthquakes
  75. 75.narrow-minded, Inward-facing
  76. 76.pronounce Very Carefully
  77. 77.comfortable Top With Head Protection
  78. 78.olivia Newton-john Song: "have You Never Been __"
  79. Of The First Shots Of The Civil War: Fort __
  80. 80.oversees A Museum Exhibit
  81. 81.mysterious, Baffling, Perplexing
  82. 82.le __ Bleu Culinary School
  83. 83.teen Drama Series Based On Archie Comics
  84. 84.passengers Get A Rise Out Of This Otis Invention
  85. 85.flies In One Place, Like A Helicopter
  86. 86.a Painting Of Inanimate Objects
  87. 87.sealed Very Well
  88. 88.tuneful Vocal Pattern From Largest Sea Mammals
  89. 89.collection Of Synonyms
  90. 90.non-metal Element Se Used In Photocells
  91. 91.branch Of Science, Deals With Classifying Diseases
  92. 92.spinal Discomfort
  93. Of Nicaragua
  94. 94.perfumed Grains Used When Relaxing In A Tub
  95. Of The Summa Theologica: St. Thomas __
  96. 96.a Big Hit For The Beach Boys: Help Me __
  97. 97.quality Of Being Poisonous
  98. 98.crossed The Alps With Elephants
  99. 99.keep Out Of Sight, Avoid Detection
  100. 100.animation Type, Fast Flicks With Physical Pages
  101. 101.person Held For Ransom
  102. 102.state Where The Meteor Crater Is Located
  103. 103.ancient Greek City Near Temple Of Artemis
  104. 104.dessert Ingredient In A Mexican Mole Dish
  105. 105.go On Board An Aircraft
  106. That Hosted The 2000 Summer Olympics
  107. 107.natural Environment Where An Animal Makes Its Home
  108. 108.devices On Which Video Games Are Played
  109. 109.italian Toasted Sandwich
  110. 110.horus, Egyptian Sky God, Had The Head Of This Bird
  111. 111.cup For Holding Wine
  112. 112.long Distance In Space
  113. 113.sentimental Speech About A Deceased Person
  114. 114.1959 Alfred Hitchcock Movie: "north By __"
  115. 115.frosted Danish
  116. Be More Numerous Than
  117. 117.main Antagonist In Peyos Comic Strip The Smurfs
  118. Play Music Along With Another Musician
  119. Borough Where The Bowery Is Located
  120. 120.soccers Biggest Tournament
  121. 121.word Game With Tiles, Q And Z Score High
  122. 122.linemen Who Protect Their Quarterback
  123. 123.male Singing Voice That Is Very High
  124. 124.sugar From Pure Cane Extract, Spun In A Cylinder
  125. 125.payment To Deliver Parcels
  126. 126.charged With Crime, Branded A Criminal
  127. 127.gymnastic Entertainer
  128. 128.state Thats Home To Mesa Verde National Park
  129. 129.stringed Instrument, Like A Lute
  130. 130.greek Goddess Of The Moon
  131. 131.fake Name
  132. 132.bull On Top, Man On Bottom
  133. 133.character In Greek Mythology And Hamlets Killer
  134. 134.structure For Generating Heat For Houses
  135. 135.on A Skydivers Back For A Safe Landing
  136. 136.gas That Makes Up Around 24 Percent Of The Sun
  137. 137.small Tower On A Medieval Castle
  138. 138.dreamy, Pensive
  139. 139.supplied
  140. 140.purpose, Intention, Reason Behind An Action
  141. 141.talkative
  142. 142.cover A Chair With Cushion And Fabric
  143. 143.japans Highest Peak, On Honshu Island
  144. 144.plays Devils __, Presents A Counter-argument
  145. 145.demanding, Difficult, Taxing
  146. 146.cordial
  147. 147.sandys Love Interest In Grease
  148. 148.psychologically Manipulative Behaviors
  149. 149.pig From Orwells Animal Farm
  150. 150.laws Established By A Legislative Body

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