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  1. 1.misshapen, Distorted, Monstrous
  2. 2.roman Racing Carts
  3. 3.filet __; A Tender Cut Of Beef
  4. 4.flexible Plastic-bladed Tool For Scraping Up Food
  5. 5.purple Gemstone, Helps Keeps People Calm
  6. 6.river That Runs Through Baghdad
  7. 7.ordinary Ancient Roman Citizens
  8. 8.roberto __, Designer Of Sand-blasted Denims
  9. Who Returns Something To Its Original Condition
  10. 10.examination Of A Body To Find Cause Of Death
  11. 11.greek Hero Who Was Dipped In The River Styx
  12. 12.eva Who Played Gabrielle On Desperate Housewives
  13. 13.echoes, Rings Through The Air
  14. 14.french Single-crust Rustic Pastry With A Filling
  15. 15.haute __, French For High Fashion
  16. 16.__ Sunday, The Biggest Us Sports Day Of The Year
  17. 17.small Horizontal Piano
  18. 18.japanese Dish Of Batter-dipped, Deep-fried Veggies
  19. 19.marionette Controller
  20. 20.the Two __, Double Self-portrait By Kahlo
  21. 21.walking Up And Down Impatiently
  22. 22.western Frontier Figure, __ Jane
  23. 23.process For Cleaning Teeth With String
  24. 24.unconscious Action
  25. 25.go To Website For Movie And Tv Reviews: Rotten __
  26. 26.craft Of Picture-making With Rolled Paper Strips
  27. 27.psychedilc Rock Band, The Wall
  28. Vessel Used To Separate Wine From Sediment
  29. 29.disease Of The Liver
  30. 30.first Name Of Detective Holmes
  31. Agave Alcohol Made In Mexico
  32. Have Been Used Up
  33. 33.supposed Transfer Of Ideas From One Mind To Another
  34. Of The Film Cool Hand Luke, Paul __
  35. 35.internal Or External Computer Storage
  36. 36.made Of Clay
  37. 37.italian Composer Who Wrote Fountains Of Rome
  38. 38.dense Growth Of Bushes And Trees
  39. 39.jupiters Largest Satellite
  40. 40.venetian Boats
  41. 41.underwater Vessel
  42. 42.historically Important River; Flows Through Iraq
  43. 43.sleuthing Young Woman Penned By Carolyn Keene
  44. 44.precious Blue Stone
  45. The Manner Of A True Professional
  46. 46.ivy League University Located In New Jersey, Usa
  47. 47.long Garment Worn To Bed
  48. 48.colonial Era Volunteer Military
  49. 49.annual Calendar Based On The Moon Cycle
  50. 50.pen Name Of J.k. Rowling, Robert ____
  51. 51.deep Cracks In The Earths Surface
  52. 52.internet Bullies Who Comment Maliciously
  53. Steering Device For Computer Games
  54. 54.northern Constellation, Latin For "swan"
  55. 55.reed Woodwind With Keys
  56. 56.unable To Sleep
  57. 57.not A Realistic Option
  58. 58.overloaded With Work
  59. 59.the Former Female Singer Of The Black Eyed Peas
  60. Member
  61. 61.avian Abode
  62. 62.paleontology Is The Study Of These
  63. 63.mammalian Jawbone
  64. 64.thick-skinned Animal, Such As An Elephant Or Rhino
  65. 65.pillar Of A Staircase
  66. 66.bereft Of Courage; Spinelessness
  67. 67.time When Day And Night Are Of Equal Length
  68. 68.white, Radish-like Vegetable Also Called Mooli
  69. 69.price Of A Plane Ticket
  70. 70.katy Perrys Explosive Single
  71. 71.sliver Of A Moon, Seen Early In A Lunar Month
  72. 72.stun Grenade To Visually And Audibly Disorientate
  73. 73.section Of Broccoli
  74. 74.impossible To Put A Value On
  75. 75.pretty Woman Star, Julia __
  76. 76.climbing Plant Parts; Slim Wispy Pieces Of Hair
  77. 77.danger
  78. 78.join A Party With No Invitation
  79. 79.apparently
  80. 80.goddess To Whom The Parthenon Was Dedicated
  81. 81.six-legged Animal
  82. 82.small Dome On A Roof
  83. 83.forcible Restraint Or Restriction
  84. 84.irresistible Pull
  85. 85.not Having Any Discomfort
  86. Italian, It Means "in The Open Air"
  87. 87.outdoor Grazing Land For Sheep From Spring Onwards
  88. 88.steeping; E.g. Putting Fruit Into Water
  89. 89.the Oldest Kitten In The Aristocats; A French City
  90. 90.mongol Empire Capital And Silk Road Settlement
  91. 91.only Great Lake Located Entirely Within The U.s.
  92. At Night
  93. 93.medical Procedure Used To Look Inside The Body
  94. 94.pursuit Of Pleasure And Self-indulgence
  95. 95.tall Bloom Often Painted By Van Gogh
  96. 96.roman Amphitheater
  97. 97.indoor Wire House For Feathered Pets
  98. Of Plants
  99. That Won The Triple Crown In 2018
  100. Me State

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