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  1. 1.chaos, Unrest
  2. Of Southern California Athletic Teams
  3. 3.comic Strip Character Married To Dagwood
  4. 4.pranks
  5. Whose Highest Point Is Lykavittos Hill
  6. 6.gomez And Morticias Son In The Addams Family
  7. 7.puppet Created By Carlo Collodi
  8. 8.natives Of Tirana Or Durres, For Example
  9. That Uses A Doughboy As Its Mascot
  10. 10.nepalese City Once Known As Manju-patan
  11. Cures What Ails You
  12. 12.rod-shaped Bacterium
  13. 13.oreo-based Dessert With Gummy Worms Peaking Out
  14. 14.episode Consisting Of Scenes From Previous Chapters
  15. And Apprehend
  16. 16.the Act Of Paying Someone For The Use Of Something
  17. 17.state Juice Of Massachusetts
  18. 18.of The Eight Original V8 Vegetables, The Main One
  19. 19.painting Technique Done On Wet Plaster On Walls
  20. 20.long Epic Journey Such As Written About By Homer
  21. 21.lover Of King Arthurs Wife Guinevere: Sir __
  22. 22.hit With An Open Hand
  23. 23."come Hell Or __", Through Difficult Circumstances
  24. 24.device To Help Music Students Play In Rhythm
  25. 25.mute Character In Traditional Pantomime
  26. 26.denigrated, Blamed, Disparaged
  27. 27.wooded Area
  28. 28.warning Signs
  29. 29.symbol Of The 1982 Knoxville Worlds Fair
  30. 30.sincere, Honest, Open
  31. 31.roman Leader Who Won The Battle Of Actium
  32. 32.skill, Aptitude, Competence
  33. 33.pretended, Falsified
  34. 34.pain In The Mouth
  35. 35.condensed Water Floating In The Sky
  36. 36.young Aspiring Actress
  37. Trophy Won At The Open Championship
  38. 38.opponent
  39. 39.not Invited, A Presence That Is Not Wanted
  40. 40.prison Escape
  41. 41.a Design With Repeated Lines And Shapes
  42. 42.acrobatic, Fast-paced Brazilian Martial Art
  43. 43.fungi With White And Cremini Varieties
  44. 44.a Young Waterbird With Webbed Feet
  45. 45.naval Ship, Usually Under The Water
  46. 46.more Than One Patella
  47. 47.__ Weasley, Father Of Ron, Ginny Plus Five More
  48. 48.vase Occupants
  49. 49.__ Island, Tale Of Buried Booty Marked With An X
  50. 50.u.s. Vice President From 1977 To 1981
  51. 51.places Where Apples Are Grown
  52. Rights On Inventions
  53. 53.hardly, Scarcely
  54. Of I, Tonya, Australian Actress Margot __
  55. 55.lively, Full Of Spirit
  56. 56.the Statue Of Liberty Sculptor
  57. Gemstone With A Stellate Appearance
  58. 58.__ Del Toro, The Shape Of Water Director
  59. 59.thinking Deeply And Unhappily
  60. 60.put Money Into A Business
  61. 61.battling On Horseback With Lances
  62. 62.flipper Was This Type Of Sea Mammal
  63. 63.trinidads Sung Genre Mixes Comment And Patois
  64. 64.north African Capital, Name Means "three Cities"
  65. 65.african Country With The Largest Yoruba Population
  66. 66.fried Desserts With A Hole In The Center
  67. 67.fanciful Behavior Or Humor
  68. 68.codenames, Assumed Names
  69. 69.not Afraid To Give Ones Opinion
  70. 70.american-born Wife Of Jordans King Hussein
  71. 71.temporary Substitute
  72. Of The Large Pumping Chambers Of The Heart
  73. 73.worried
  74. Where Actor Keanu Reeves Was Born
  75. 75.scam Artist, Swindler
  76. 76.sea-floor Dwellers, Both Eyes On One Side Of Head
  77. 77.elicited A Reaction From Someone
  78. 78.2017 Film: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, __
  79. 79.queen Of The Fairies, Her King Is Oberon
  80. That Shares Longest Border With Chile
  81. 81.not Just A Game, This Is A Gathering Of Monkeys
  82. 82.element With The Chemical Symbol I
  83. 83.rod Stewart No.1 Hit Of 1983 About A Past Love
  84. Liqueur Created With Jamaican Rum
  85. 85.relating To Blood Vessels
  86. 86.block-building Game
  87. 87.julie Newmar Played This Villainess
  88. 88.rosss On-off Love Interest In Tv Sitcom Friends
  89. 89.arthur Read Is This Type Of Animal
  90. 90.restrictive Undergarment
  91. 91.figurines Placed In Ancient Egyptian Tombs
  92. 92.object Or Idea That Becomes An Obsession
  93. 93.cold Dish Of Raw Seafood And Citrus
  94. 94.archaic Term Meaning Shortly Afterwards
  95. 95.metallic Element Bi, Used As A Lead Substitute
  96. 96.metal Made By Combining 2 Or More Metal Elements
  97. 97.lapse, Omission
  98. 98.underhand, Shifty
  99. 99.first Norman King Of England: __ The Conqueror
  100. 100.kate Hudson And Anne Hathaway Fight About Weddings

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