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  1. 1.every Seven Days
  2. 2.dancing Film With Natalie Portman And Mila Kunis
  3. 3.a Cornucopia Symbolizes This
  4. Whose Highest Point Is Lykavittos Hill
  5. 5.sacred Writing Or Text
  6. Who Brings Home The Bacon
  7. 7.permeate, Spread Everywhere
  8. 8.fungi With White And Cremini Varieties
  9. 9.grievance Against Another
  10. 10.deep Pit Worker
  11. 11.rod-shaped Bacterium
  12. 12.isole __; Italian Archipelago In The Adriatic Sea
  13. York Theatreland, The "great White Way"
  14. Gemstone With A Stellate Appearance
  15. 15.tightest, Most Revealing Clothes
  16. 16.long Loose Dresses, Worn By Men And Women
  17. 17.painting Technique Done On Wet Plaster On Walls
  18. Bush Tribute To Veterans: Portraits Of __
  19. Molluscs
  20. 20.northwest __, Sea Route Connects Arctic To Pacific
  21. 21.symbol Of The 1982 Knoxville Worlds Fair
  22. 22.generic Name For The Opioid Antagonist Narcan
  23. 23.drugs Used To Reduce Tension
  24. 24.bad Breath
  25. 25.thrill-seeker
  26. 26.mute Character In Traditional Pantomime
  27. Business Magnates With Political Influence
  28. 28.jostle, Manhandle
  29. 29.hole In A Tire
  30. And Apprehend
  31. 31.genre Of Christian Music
  32. 32.shine It On A Performer
  33. 33.u.s. Vice President From 1977 To 1981
  34. 34.wholly, Completely
  35. 35.largest City In Texas, Both In Area And Population
  36. 36.zebras Are Covered In Black And White Ones
  37. 37.scam Artist, Swindler
  38. 38.margin Between Forehead And Locks
  39. 39.19th C. Polish Composer Known For 21 Nocturnes
  40. 40.color Scheme Of A Painting
  41. 41.acrobatic, Fast-paced Brazilian Martial Art
  42. 42.tattered Around The Edges
  43. Where Mel Gibson Began His Acting Career
  44. 44.a Shift That Starts At Midnight
  45. 45.condensed Water Floating In The Sky
  46. 46.a Glimmer Of Happiness To Cling On To
  47. 47.tufts Of Hair That Swirl In Different Directions
  48. 48.relating To Blood Vessels
  49. 49.secrets Are Stolen In Dreams In This Film
  50. 50.martin Shorts Character In The Santa Clause 3
  51. 51.the Statue Of Liberty Sculptor
  52. 52.scatter These On Cupcakes Or Ice Cream
  53. 53.reveal To Public Gaze
  54. 54.talking Or Behaving Suggestively, Coyly
  55. 55.trinidads Sung Genre Mixes Comment And Patois
  56. 56.demand Forcefully To Have Something
  57. 57.scandinavian City Built In 1550 By A Swedish King
  58. __, To Take Off Facial Cosmetics
  59. 59.puppet Created By Carlo Collodi
  60. Overhanging Mass Of Snow Tackled By Climbers
  61. 61.the Bullet Point After Thirdly
  62. 62.deep Violet Blue Color
  63. 63.uncontrolled Descent
  64. Where Actor Keanu Reeves Was Born
  65. 65.equality
  66. 66.put Out A Book
  67. Vigorously
  68. 68.fanciful Behavior Or Humor
  69. Singer Known For This Kiss
  70. 70.distinctive Musical Theater Gesture
  71. 71.formless, Shapeless, Nebulous
  72. Liqueur Created With Jamaican Rum
  73. 73.encircles, Encompasses
  74. Where Gerald R. Ford Airport Is: Grand __
  75. Bird With A Long Neck And Legs
  76. 76.figurines Placed In Ancient Egyptian Tombs
  77. 77.four Equal Sides
  78. 78.radioactive Element Po Discovered By Marie Curie
  79. 79.lover Of King Arthurs Wife Guinevere: Sir __
  80. 80.kept Out Of The Air
  81. 81.japanese Dish Of Raw Pieces Of Fish
  82. 82.borderline Was This Singers First Top-10 Hit
  83. 83.tropical Fruit And Rum Rhyming Curaçao Cocktail
  84. 84.metallic Element Bi, Used As A Lead Substitute
  85. 85.__ Gains; Spoils From Illegal Activities
  86. 86.insanity, Like King George
  87. 87.fluent In Two Languages
  88. 88.floating Unsecured
  89. 89.austrian Rolled Pastry With Filling, Usually Apple
  90. Trophy Won At The Open Championship
  91. 91.smooth Round Stones Found On Beaches
  92. 92.thomas Carlyle Called It The "dismal Science"
  93. 93.chess World Champ Defeated By A Computer: Garry __
  94. 94.naval Ship, Usually Under The Water
  95. 95.tropical Cyclone Storm
  96. 96.mocks, Ridicules
  97. 97.a Cross Used In Maths To Denote Addition
  98. 98.first James In The White House
  99. 99.antiquated Term For A Female Behaving Like A Male
  100. 100.largest City In Brazil

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