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  1. 1.Company that makes both the Words With Friends board game and Scrabble... so you might say they have a Monopoly
  2., e.g
  3. 3.Follower of Mardi or foie (it means fat)
  4. 4.Anti dropper
  5. 5.Maryland Stadium player, familiarly
  6. 6.Classic arcade game with an asterisk in its name / Character featured in the Adam Sandler bomb Pixels
  7. 7.South American birds that look pretty ostrichish
  8. 8.First chips
  9. 9.Car where the 57-Down doesnt matter
  10. 10.Sign without using your name
  11. 11.Element in the penultimate column of the periodic table
  12. 12.Camp accessory
  13. 13.Second Amendment subject
  14. 14.Make less 9-Down
  15. 15.___ Lovelace (early British computer fact: her dad was Lord Byron!)
  16. 16.Drop in the ocean
  17. 17.Ariana ___ (Starbucks order thats not only fake, but doesnt make sense as a pun!)
  18. 18.Regimen that requires early meals?
  19. 19.Link from Germany
  20. 20.Do the thing that makes the happy face on the people
  21. 21.Typical court attire
  22. 22.Antidepressant that had commercials featuring a bouncy blob
  23. 23.Plus
  24. 24.Italian plumber played by Oscar nominee Bob Hoskins
  25. 25.Description for many eBay auction items
  26. 26.Third Pillar of Islam subject
  27. 27.Place that probably has people playing pool and ping pong
  28. 28.Its hard to deny that its changed
  29. 29.After she opened her box, all that was left inside was an online music streaming service... or something
  30. 30.Delivery woman?
  31. 31.T. Rex, Queen, et. al
  32. 32.Nation whose name translates to warrior king (how sick is that?)
  33. 33.Indian tribe that becomes a restaurant when you move its last letter to the beginning
  34. 34.No ___!
  35. 35.Country of one of the translated languages in Lost in Translation
  36. 36.Super Bowl ___ (game that will be played in the year 3516, we assume)
  37. 37.Gelatinous dessert ingredient
  38. 38.Hey ___! Dont call me that, Will! Im the Joker, I told you. OK, man.
  39. 39.Mole, perhaps
  40. 40.Comedian Daniel who attended Astronaut High School (but isnt an astronaut)
  41. 41.Squads
  42. 42.First TV show (of three) to end its run at the top of the Nielsen ratings
  43. 43.Charge (up)
  44. 44.Someone who ruins the surprise party, perhaps
  45. 45.Fictional dragon thats known to be the product of evolution
  46. 46.Car stat
  47. 47.She played Poison Ivy to Georges Batman
  48. 48.Duran Duran album that features Hungry Like the Wolf
  49. 49.asdfghjkl;___
  50. 50.Rickman who played Professor Snape, who responds to After all this time? with Always :(
  51. 51.Magics partner, in the Kenan & Kel theme song
  52. 52.Yo La Tengo singer Ira
  53. 53.Drill bit?
  54. 54.Ariana ___ (fake Starbucks order)
  55. 55.Pull a The Bear from The Revenant
  56. 56.Lifeless
  57. 57.Do the opposite of 38-Down
  58. 58.Tit relative
  59. 59.Airport monitor abbr
  60. 60.Place where every shot is on someone else
  61. 61.Its not the Pb you want in a PB&J
  62. 62.Depressed and then some
  63. 63.Taking an eye-juice bath
  64. 64.Old and you have probably never heard of it
  65. 65.Invitation to go for a ride
  66. 66.ABBA song whose title translates to little girl, not little banana company
  67. 67.Dealt with
  68. 68.Superhero/bug whod shout, Up and at em!
  69. 69.Horrible comic strip character
  70. 70.I ___ even
  71. 71.Mushy masses